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Korean Grocery Store: right down the street.

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I was looking at the Kimchi Cookbook:


which Im lucky to say is in my library system. I thought its about time I actually made something Ive

been thinking about for some time: bok choy Kimchi. Pretty simple. I had fresh baby BC. I looked

through the book and needed a few authentic Korean items. There is a small Korean grocery one

town over. I rarely go there as its not on my 'route' and a little more pricy than where I go. Im

talking Dimes. I wrote down what I needed : Korean Chili Flakes and Korean Fish Sauce.

I took my list in and asked about these. very few people go there and very little english is spoken, but

they understand English fairly well. I had the time of my life. I decided to ask about all sorts of stuff

on the shelf, exclusively Korean, not being interested in Japanese. Picked up about $50 of very

interesting stuff id never get to try any other way. On check-out I mentioned I was making Korean

kimchi bok choy. "Sea Salt?" I was asked. not for me, regular non-iodine was fine for me.

Stupid is as Stupid does. The owner showed me a selection. I asked which is best. its reasonably


To make a long story shorter. That store in on my route now.

If there is a Korean Grocery near you and small and not so busy: stop in. give them a try. you

might be very surprised. Skip the Japanese stuff. Ask what they use at home.

PS I plan to take the Kimchi I make there soon and ask their opinion with that book!


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Nice haul....I love the cooking tips I get at ethnic markets....ask a few questions and people are often very generous with the info.

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that's a Pound of chili flakes! 10 life time supply!

looking forward to 'authentic' bok choi kimchi.

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one Pound of gochujang ! thats the 'hot pepper powder' lower R

Ive been using the paste for some time, the the Rx in the book uses the powder. looking forward to trying the fish sauce.

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