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The Soup Topic (2013–)


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Green chile clean out the fridge soup a la Instant Pot.

less that 2 qts chicken bone broth

1 cup frozen hot green chile

shredded carrots-dried

dried shallot slices

1 tbsp tomate con pollo powder

1/2 package cream cheese 

1/2 cup leftover beer cheese fondue

1/3 jar Trader Joe's salsa verde

5-6 minutes under pressure.


It's cold here for us, so spicy-creamy soup hits the spot.

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Winter squash soup (half recipe) from Smitten Kitchen Keepers. I had a bag of Kabocha squash cubes in the freezer, which worked well for this once defrosted. I did not make the toasted onion/garlic/coconut garnish, since this is destined for the freezer. The squash was sweet, so this savory recipe is nice for balance.



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"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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Barley soup with parsnips, chard and lemon-parsley mojo from Grist.


Thin ribbons of fresh chard are piled in the bowl and the soup is ladled in, cooking the greens.  The soup itself lacks acid so the lemon-parsley mojo is absolutely necessary.  I added diced, salt-preserved lemon to the mojo for a little extra oomph. 

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