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Apples Similar the Reines des Reinettes?

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What apples may be similar to the Reines des Reinettes in flavor, tartness, and texture? I haven't been able to find them around here. Thanks!

... Shel

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I suggest that you contact the Devoto Gardens in Sebastopol and/or Apple Farm in Philo and ask them your question. Both farms sell a large selection of heirloom apples (in season) at the SF Ferry Bldg market on Saturdays. I don't recall seeing your Reine apple among their selection. However, they can probably recommend a substitute or possibly another farm that sells the Reine apple.

The heirloom apple season around here (SF Bay Area) begins in mid-August with Gravensteins and fades away sometime after Thanksgiving. You have many-months' wait until the next crop of heirloom apples go to market.

Devoto Gardens: http://www.devotogardens.com/heirloom-apples.html

Apple Farm: http://www.philoapplefarm.com/

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