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Minor's Soup Base

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Ive been using these products for a long long time:


I use them for stock and sauce when i haven't made my own. :sad:

they keep forever in the freezer and you scoop the stuff out frozen.

the roasted chicken has much less salt than the regular stuff and has very good Roasted flavor, which

means you can use more.

they have a shipping special now until Feb 25th. I stock up when they have these specials.

Bummer, the low-salt turkey which i have not tried is out of stock! :sad:

realizing Ill be moving to the Dog House with this Req. some might like to know about this

"For Emergency Use Only: Open the Freezer"


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the Turkey lo salt is in stock and Ive placed that in my order.

do not get me wrong. making your own with the tid bits of your counter is what most of us might like to do.

then again these products are at least if not better than other commercial varieties

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Ive placed my order. I highly recommend one goes to the 30 bucks etc to save some $$

I got the Roasted Chicken stock a while ago not knowing its lower sodium by quite a bit.

it has a very good roasted CK flavor and I now no longer use the CK plain or low salt. its 'roasted' so it might not be fine for a CK

item that you want that poached CK flavor.

I use all of these based on the final salt content of the sauce or soup. I of course add stuff to the items Bell's seasoning etc.

in the current order Im trying the Low-Salt turkey stuff ( not minors ) and both the Beef 'au jus' and demiglace for fun.

30$$ is not a lot to get but fun to try. try the Roasted CK and anything else that gets you to the magic 30 $$

Happy cooking!.

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