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"Food and Drink"

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Its back, and with Michel Roux Jnr to boot!

I have very fond memories of watching this program as a kid with my parents and was very happy to see it return and even happier to see M. Roux Jr presenting.

I missed last weeks but have smiled my way through this weeks with Mary Berry - what a lovely program! This week we saw madelaines and creme patissiere tarts for an afternoon tea with Prosecco and English sparkling wine (and tea!), pieces on real bread and french patisserie and Michel making an apple tart.

And baking marge won a blind taste test over butter with a victoria sponge.

Welcome back.

Anyone else enjoying this?

Long may it continue.

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that is about the food rather than about the presenter.

Although it seems to lean heavily towards the participation of the celebs of the industry.

I have two other negative comparisions with the older format. Firstly, it is no longer a topical show - surely you would have expected some mention of horsemeat. And, in Jilly Goolden's day, she would have been telling you exactly what wine she was suggesting, where you could buy it and how much.

John Hartley

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The piece about how wonderful things were in France was somewhat annoying. No, not everyone in France buys the finest, local artisan produce daily. But equally, if you do want good bread that will last past the morning then you don't buy a Baguette - there are plenty of other french breads that will last, and Michel Roux presumably knows that.

Another top recession busting tip of putting the oven on to refresh half a leftover baguette too....

I love animals.

They are delicious.

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