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Work Stage in France

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, but let me tell you about my self. I am currently training to be a pastry chef in the West Midlands, UK. I have been a chef for a couple of years and decided that Pastry is where my passion lies.

After I have finished my Level 3 course in Confectionary and Patisserie I would like to travel to Paris to do a work stage either in a restaurant, or preferably a Patisserie. I feel this would give me invaluable experience in my trade and will help me develop my career. I would like to go for 1 - 2 months, depending on costs and how long I can take off work.

I have joined this forum to see if anyone can offer me any help with my quest? Has anyone ever done a stage in France, and have you got any helpful tips? I have a rough idea of how I will have to go about it, but any tips, experiences, recommendations will be a great help!

I look forward to any replies


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