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Breakfast! 2013


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Huiray, If Moe didn't like dipping toast fingers in the soft boiled eggs, I'm sure that he would drink them too.

Liuzhou, your breakfast looks good to me. Unlike Moe, I like my egg yolks set.


I used my favourite cornbread recipe to make cornbread waffles. Just had to thin the batter slightly with a little extra milk.

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liuzhou – that bacon is gorgeous. Definitely NO need to apologize for that breakfast – it looks perfect.

Breakfast on Memorial day – I did a lemon/blueberry version of Lois’ coffee cake (from Maggie):


Served with scrambled eggs and sausage:


Breakfast yesterday morning:


The pastry is a freezer gift – from Christmas and still good!

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woke up earlier and was inspired by the egg sandwich thread so I made this . all beef menonite summer sausage, over easy egg, sourdough toast, panfried slices of leftover baked potato.


"Why is the rum always gone?"

Captain Jack Sparrow

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Ann – I got the recipe from Maggie (I think that she posted it on Daily Gullet article) about 5 years ago and have made it dozens of times – in all kinds of variations (I’m dreaming of a peach/bacon jam one when the peaches are good enough to make you cry). You can get up and have perfect, tender coffee cake in about 45 minutes. Your breakfast would make Mr. Kim’s day.

Ashen – very nice!

Mr. Kim’s breakfast yesterday:


Scrambled eggs with cheese and Benton’s country ham.

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Thanks, Ann_T...and I'll take a piece of that Coconut Cream Pie. Is the recipe in your blog / website?

You've got one smart hubby...just like mine;-)



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Nice hash Ann. Those Kolaches are addictive. I now have the phone number of the place programmed in my phone and call them at least once a week, 20 min ahead of time so I can pick-up a ham, egg and cheese embraced in a pipping-hot-super-flaky-slightly-sweet dough.

Had to use up 5lbs of lobster this week, so besides lobster rolls and lobster bisque I made for dinner, we had:

Truffled Lobster Scrambled Egg


Lobster Eggs Benedict


Lobster & Shrimp Fried Rice w/Fried Egg


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Ann – I’ve been wanting to try potato waffles – they look lovely!

Ashen – gorgeous eggs, as usual! I use your trick fairly often – to rave reviews – and no one can figure out how I get them to look so nice!

Soba – lovely mushroom omelet and that salad is beautiful.

percyn – funny that you should make the kolaches because they have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I really want to try making them – nice browning on that. And your lobster breakfasts are killing me.

We had house guests all last week, so I managed to do breakfast a few days. Breakfast on Thursday was supposed to be a new recipe I found for a Gouda, grits and egg casserole, but when we were out at dinner on Wednesday night the wife mentioned how much she hated grits, so we just had scrambled eggs, sausage and fruit salad:




Friday morning breakfast was Eggs Benedict Baskets w/ hollandaise and B’fast Kebabs (bacon, sausage & ham):



Plated w/ hollandaise:


Father’s Day b’fast was Cinnamon French toast bake:


Plated w/ Benton’s bacon:


The French toast bake was made with whomp biscuit cinnamon rolls, but was very, very good. It didn’t have that damp, custardy texture that I find so unpleasant in most baked French toast recipes.

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Kim Shook

Eggs Benedict Baskets w/ hollandaise Id like to hear a little more about how you made this

paired with B’fast Kebabs (bacon, sausage & ham): looks perfect!

Im also keep to learn about the Cinnamon French toast bake what did you do with the rolls? flatten them?

what an outstanding spread, new and unusual to me. Kudos your way!

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