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punk patissier

Chocolates with that Showroom Finish, 2012 –

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I wish for a very merry Christmas for all @ egullet.  I think of you all as being some of the most inspiring and creative people I have ever come into contact with. It is a pleasure to converse with, and learn from, you all...



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    • By eglies
      I need some help to balance my recipe fillings for my bonbons. Anyone have time to help me? I have based myself on Ramon Moratos %
    • By JoNorvelleWalker
      For my purposes I have mastered the art of packaging chocolate bars, but search as I might I cannot find an eGullet thread or any information on packaging chocolate eggs.  I ask as I have an egg mold in transit.  Assuming I can successfully fabricate an egg, how can I wrap or package it?  All I can think of is cellophane.
      I've seen pictures so I know some of you are making eggs.  Do not deny it.  When I was little and still celebrated holidays the neighborhood candy establishment sold eggs in windowed cardboard boxes with cellophane grass*.  That was the early 1950's.  Is this still the state of the art?
      *cellophane grass tastes terrible.  And the ubiquitous coconut cream filling not much better.
    • By melmck
      I am searching for a natural source of food colorings, to tint buttercream, & use in chocolate work. I don't like commercial FC, it is synthetic and toxic to boot. Has anyone found a good source/vendor who has naturally derived colorings
    • By eglies
      Hi there,
      i am moving into our lab next week so excited!!!! I have one million questions but the ones popping up in my head are
      1) If I have 6 moulded bonbon recipes to airbrush, fill and cover and 6 bars recipes to make for our production,how do you organise production? Can someone give me an example of their weekly plan am and pm plan just to get an idea? I have a Selmi 😀. 
      2) how many bonbons and bars should I produce just before we launch? I have my budgets and projections but you know those first weeks God knows how you will do! Should I be freezing from the beginning? And what is the ideal packaging way to freeze bonbons? 
      Thank you so appreciate it! 
    • By eglies
      Hi there, Anyone use any specific equipment or product to clean chocolate from floors? 
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