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    • By eglies
      I am a new start up in chocolate making. I tried to freeze a container with my bonbons and all the caps just cracked after using my simple vacuum machine. Please help! Which containers should I use and how do you vacuum pack these containers. Anyone with a picture of the container would help.
      thank you
    • By sbain
      WANTED: Chocovision tempering machine. 
      Looking for a gently used tempering machine. Anyone have one they like to sell?
    • By EmmMax
      So I seem to be doing the thing where the more I find out and learn about chocolate the more I realize I don't know.  
      I'm wondering how little I can get away with spending in the very beginning. My husband is back in school and I'm wondering if chocolate experimenting is even feasible right now or if its something I should wait on. 
      I figure I can practice tempering and molding at a low cost, but from there does it get steep? 
    • By Beckykp27
      What kind of boxes do people use to package non-standard molded bonbons? Specifically the longer ones like the cacao pod, teardrop or "slug". I bought molds that I love but they dont fit in the standard paper cups or trays and Im struggling to figure out how to package them. I'm just getting started with my chocolate business so I'm not at the point where I am ready to invest in custom packaging. I bought some boxes that I like from ClearBags and am planning to add a branded label but I dont think they're secure enough. My chocolates will shift all around if given the chance. Any advice would be great.

    • By EmmMax
      I hope this isnt a dumb question, I'm super new to chocolate work and am I trying really hard to learn. 
      I just bought Greweling's book C&C and many of the recipes call for liqueurs. I'm wondering if its possible to replace them without unbalancing them too much. Would extracts work? Thanks in advance.
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