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Can Jams and Jellies be Re-bottled? How?

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We make a couple of hot pepper jellies (jalapeno & habanero) to sell with our cheeses and have had a run on them this season so I need to make another couple of batches. All the ingredients are at hand and I actually have the time to make them today (totally amazing as it's the middle of our holiday rush) but I have just discovered that the jars we have are the wrong ones. They sent 12 oz jars instead of 5 oz ones.

Can I still make the jams, hold them in bulk and then bottle them when the correct jars arrive?


I'd like to bring them at least up to 180F or so to ensure pasteurizing for bottling but will that damage the pectin? Can I just re-heat them enough to pour? What's the best/proper way to do this?


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You could make the jams, cool them, put them in ziplocks or other containers and freeze them. Then, when you have the right bottles, thaw, put in bottles and can like regular jam.

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If you just thaw and can, I'd be worried about whether or not the boiling water bath would raise the core of the jelly to the proper temperature. (Not to mention syneresis from the freeze-thaw process.) I believe most water-processing times are predicated on the product being hot to begin with, so I would heat higher than just "until it can pour."

Also, what kind of pectin are you using? Have you checked to make sure it will remelt once it's set?

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