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The Restaurant Depot product thread

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Besides the savings, I consider a trip to RD to be a treasure hunt, finding products I haven't seen anywhere else.

I'll start by mentioning "Daisy Butt". These are small (under 2 pounds) whole smoked pork shoulders.

I have no idea what they're used for in restaurants, but for breakfast I slice them thickly and bake the slices for 15 mintues @ 375.

It's like a very flavorful tiny ham.

I also like James Farm "Premium" heavy cream, which has 40% butterfat vs the 36% in the grocery store brands here.

7/11 tomatoes, Kronos gyro slices, Gulf shrimp, Canolli Cream and shells,....I could go on and on.

What have you found?

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Kontos multigrain flatbread,I love these for sandwiches or cut and baked as chips. Bags of fresh ginger, I scrape and put in jars of vodka .Cans of mango pulp. Large jars of spices for my Indian cooking,cardamom,coriander, etc..Pomegranate molasses.

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Big ol' sacks of Harvest King flour and Royal Oak charcoal.

So we finish the eighteenth and he's gonna stiff me. And I say, "Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know." And he says, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money. But when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness."

So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

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