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Pressure cooker cookbooks


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I have several. Lorna Sass' books are excellent, everyone seems to like them.

I also like the 'Miss Vickie PC Cookbook' a lot because it is so extensive.

I think my actual favorite is The New Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Pat Daily, I've found I use this one the most for actual recipes.

The others I use more for technique.

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Yes I've got the pressure cooker bug too recently. Excellent for blasting pigs cheeks in half an hour, making congee in even less. Don't know how I lived without it. Really want to try octopus in it soon.

Actually the original Modernist Cuisine set doesn't have much on pressure cookers. It recommends them for making stocks, but while it admits they have their uses cooking tough meats the preferred method is sous vide, hence much more on that. There is a table in there of recommended pressure cooker times for meats but I can never find it as the PC stuff is poorly index. The Modernist Cuisine @Home book seems to use pressure cookers much more, presumably because its a more accessible piece of kit.

re: books here are two recent ones I've had my eye on:

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Catherine Phipps

80 Recipes for your Pressure Cooker by Richard Ehrlich

Happy blasting!


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