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The Air Fryer topic


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7 minutes ago, TdeV said:

Isn't air frying just convection cooking

I'm not at all familiar with the Anova oven. Possibly it has a higher heat and a stronger fan. But I have a regular countertop convection oven and it can't even compare to the air fryer. The air fryer does things in half the time with a much better browning effect. I do know that they are selling a lot of smaller ovens with the air fryer feature but a friend of mine bought one a while back and said it was worthless as far as the air frying feature.

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13 hours ago, Tropicalsenior said:

It's very easy. Just preheat and throw in the food. Clean up is also easy. Most of them it's just a matter of wiping out the grease. The basket type is harder to clean up because foods tends to stick to the wires and you almost have to use a brush. It's great for roasted vegetables but I don't care for it for things like chicken or pork. It's a little hard to judge doneness and it's easy to overcook them. It's also very good for reheating pizza or any kind of stuffed bread. I think of mine more as a gadget than of something for full meal preparation. For that you have to ask @Dejah, she does amazing things in hers.

I have the basket style air fryer. I haven’t started looking yet but tonight I realized how cleaning much cleaning the basket is a pain with a small kitchen sink! 

 Do you recommend a different or specific style? 

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I have an Ninja Instant Pot that also has air-dryer option. Used it when I first got it, but found the "basket" too small to make fair amount of fries, or sheet pan meals.
I then bought a Ninja Flip and find I can do a lot more things in it.
I use olive oil in a spray bottle. Just a light spray over any breaded proteins added a nice bit of colour and crispier coating. Haven't done Schnitzel , but have make crispy chicken legs, wings, etc.
It's great for frozen fries and perogies. Saves heating up the big oven, especially in the summer.

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On 10/16/2023 at 5:27 PM, Duvel said:

Thank you both - I was under the impression that you need to “add” oil somewhere, but I take it you merely toss whatever you have in it before it goes into the gadget. That’s easy enough then (and more basic than I anticipated 😉) …


I just use the usual amount of whatever fat I have lying about, in the usual way (including rendered duck fat on potato wedges: superb!). I've thought about getting an oil sprayer/mister, but that would probably be most useful on paneéd food (because a paneéd surface would be easily broken up by rubbing/patting fat onto it), so I haven't got one, yet.


I adore my air fryer, but the name is so misleading (and the reason I rejected the idea of having one, for years): it's a highly-efficient, miniature, convection oven.

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Michaela, aka "Mjx"
Manager, eG Forums

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10 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

I have the basket style air fryer. I haven’t started looking yet but tonight I realized how cleaning much cleaning the basket is a pain with a small kitchen sink! 

 Do you recommend a different or specific style? 

Mine is the drawer style.  It just has a tray that fits inside the drawer instead of a basket that fits inside the drawer.  One of the reasons I got it was that I figured it would be easier to clean.  The tray is pretty easy to clean. I have to remember to remove the little rubber bumpers that secure the tray when I wash it because I've almost lost a bumper a couple of times when washing the tray. Removing them just takes a few seconds.  Using parchment liners makes it even easier to clean.  I usually make my own liners by cutting parchment paper to size, rolling it into a thin tube, flattening that, and using a hole punch on it, but I ran across some air fryer liners at Walmart recently and have been using those lately. They're too big for my air fryer, but fit okay if I cut about an inch off of one side, and that's quicker than making my own. The drawer has to be cleaned, too, but that's usually very easy.

The design of mine is similar to the one in the photos.  image.thumb.jpeg.34001cfac02bb2f5ae94aa783a1d1e7d.jpeg

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By reading this, I am just now finding out that you can use any oil in an air fryer.  I got mine when Bed Bath & etc announced they were closing their brick and mortar stores and everything was on sale.  I have not used it much but I haven't used it with any oil at all. I don't recall the instruction book mentioning using oil either.  I am glad to find out that you can because it sounds liked the food will cook a lot better that way.

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@Duvel I got my air fryer as a gift from a friend who just didn't like it. It was too small for her. If I have any advice at all it would be these two things.

When I was considering buying one, I read a lot of reviews. The people that were unhappy with theirs were the ones that bought the cheap ones. Anyone that's thinking about going that route, should just think about twice about buying one. Get the best when you can find.

Get one that's big enough! With the size of family gatherings that you have, if you have a small one like mine you will be standing there forever trying to make enough.

It's been a couple years since I did my research but at that time people were having much better luck with fryers with control knobs then the digital versions. The high heat seems to knock out the digital controls quicker, and they felt that they had more control with the knobs.

Something that no one has mentioned yet. You can use baking pans and ceramic dishes in the air fryer. That adds a lot more variety to the things that you can make. I've even heard of some people baking bread in them.

I hope that you get one, it would probably be great for reheating octopus.

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  • 3 months later...

m late to the air fryer.  over here :




I mention why I got one , and the model I chose .  I was in no hurry


as my CSO did most of the things  I was interested in , and my counter tops were clogged w junk  stuff .


that log jam has been cleared , so on w the AF , initially for CharASui.


I tried TJ's fish sticks , which I easily have been baking in the CSO.


my model has a preheat , a beep 2/3'd or so through the cycle for a turn over reminder 


Im sure most AF's have the same thing.  but I decided to ignore both .  pulling out a hot drawer 


twice is something I decided to avoid.   I like the idea of putting the stuff in the AF , picking a temp and time 


and it beeps when done,  Id adjust the time and temp as I go along , by keeping track in a new




red notebook !  I(ll continue to turn the Char Sui .  but hopefully that's the only item


so TJ's fish sticks :




note the perforated parchment paper Im trying out .  1/2 sheet  to see the difference with and without.


frozen FS ready to go .  temp 400 F  15 minutes , from start  , ignored preheat and flip




10 minutes


let it go for the full 15 :




these were very crunchy , moist , and terrific !  no turning


of note , the FS only stuck to the parchment paper !  clean up was easy  let the try cool completely, then


by hand  hot water w a few drops of dish soap.


much quicker than the CSO , and 15 min was very very crispy , yet still moist.


seasoned AF'ers already know this.


vey pleased I have this , and the counter space 


as its very easy to use.


BTW  the second down on the L FS was the best .





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Congrats on your first AF adventure, I'm sure you'll embrace its functionality - I wouldn't skip the flipping as it does promote the overall browning



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thank you for your encouraging remarks.


however , for me 


Ill skip the pre heat , and the flipping 


in most cases 


not so much the CarSiu project 


as a differential in browning and crispy-ness 


on the different sides 


isn't worth the effort , and potential calamities 


even if the risk is very small 


Ill give a non related idea :


I do love scallops .  very fresh .  right there in front of me at the fish monger


who's establishment might remind me


of the deep sea , and not the sea shore.


those scallops might need a Test Fund thees days for purchase 


but no matter the cost :  scallops are mighty fine ' sashimi-like '


and an overcooked scallop is a preventable mistake.


so , why pan sear both sides os the scallop?


Id rather sear the top I see , and leave the bottom alone.


back to the AF L


Ill give every thing a shake 


and pay more attention to the total time ,


for now,

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Ive seen a video for Car Sui 


the AF chef lightly oats the grid w oil


w a brush.   to prevent sticking 


and for an easier can up.


has anyone done this 


for sugary items that brown // burn ?


routine ?


Im not a fan of sprees  ie PAM


even hight temp Pam's   regular PAM  burns a high temps 


snf is a big time PITA to clean from a pan.


there is  high heat PAM lie product , ut Ill pass on it for now.


thank you for your posted experiences w an AF


Ill have to go back and start at the beginning of the thresd


I look forward to it.

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TJ's Fz fish nuggets ing the AF :




set for 14 min , from 'cold ' , no flipping.  checked @ 13 min , looked good.


astounding result .  fantastic !  




these  nugget fluffed up , were billowed and the fish perfectly cooked , and not dry not all.


I was very surprised how the voting fluted up , w a small ir pocket over the fish


this prep alone makes the AF , for me , a fine purchase.

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maybe using the silicone liner


prevents air from circulation under the food


as it might if the food were just placed on the grid


the grid only unit is raised 1/8th or possibly 1/4 " from the bottom


air must circulate in the space 


probably by design.

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  • 2 weeks later...

nothing new ,


two large russets ( from the pick your own bin )


sliced in half at the equator , then in thirds. 


EVOO // chili lime no salt spice blend




about 14 min 400F .


I did not rise them after the cut , nor then use hot water , and dry ( from ATK )


simpler the better , as long as the results are winners .


this was a winner .  the thinner ones were crispier , and I ate them first 


the thicker ones lost their crispness , but not their exterior flavor 


and the innards were like a fluffy baked potato , still piping hot.




my method for   AirFryerEasy    is to start cold,, ignore the ' flip ' beep


but check a few minutes before expected done time time .


try to make a note of the times in the Red AF Book.


a jiggle of the tray is allowed .  nothing more.

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