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The Air Fryer topic


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And finally here are the same fries made in the BSOA.  They were cooked on air fry mode at 425F for 22 minutes.  They were OK, but some were overcooked, others were undercooked, not many were just right.  (Didn't keep me from eating them.)  But the BSOA comes in a distant second to the Ninja Foodi Grill, so the win goes to Ninja.




Next I am going to try fries in the NFG without the half hour water soak.  Instead I am just going to rinse them.  I do that anyway, putting them in a bowl, filling with water, dumping and repeating before the longer soak.  In the first two rinses you can see the starch in the water.  None in the long soak.  And why do we care if the excess starch is removed anyway?  Isn't one of Kenji' secrets to crispier oven potatoes to rough up the surface so more starch is exposed?


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