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Orange slice/spearmint leaves recipe?

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Some of my favorite candies are the jelly/gummy type like orange slices and spearmint leaves:


I have searched and searched for a recipe to make candies like these. I found and tried one that included sugar, corn syrup and pectin as the base ingredients. It was an epic fail as I ended up with two pans of slightly gelled goo. Every recipe I seem to find (and there aren't many) seem to include pectin and I don't want to try that again since I failed at it already and I know I followed the recipe exactly.

The website in the link says the candy ingredients show sugar, corn syrup and cornstarch for gelling.

Can anyone help me with a recipe for these candies that doesn't inlcude pectin as the gelling agent? I would be forever grateful. I'd like to add them to my candy gifts this year as an alternative to the overload of chocolate I usually make!

Thank you.

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Large batch - 100 lbs of candy

water 12 qts

sugar 30 lbs

cornstarch 30 lbs - dissolved in another 12 quarts of water

tartaric acid solution - 1 ounce

cream of tartar - dissolved in water 3 tsp

oil of spearmint - 5 tsp

Water, sugar and corn syrup until dissolved. Bring to a boil, add starch slurry gradually. Stir in tartaric and cream of tartar. Cook to 226º F. Pour out into a copper pan. Add flavour.

Cast at 140º F in impressions (starch moulds). Leave 2 days in a 150º F room, brush free of starch, dampen and sugar.

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Thank you, Kerry. I can obviously scale this recipe to my little home kitchen. Do you think the starch molds are necessary? I know in some candies the starch reacts with the ingredients to form a shell of sorts. I'd like to keep this simple and maybe just pour the liquid into a pan. I could dry in a dehydrator, but not a whole pan. Hmmm. Maybe some experimenting is in order.

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