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Sous Vide Magic customer service

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I know this has been discussed in these forums before, but I want to add my $.02 -

I purchased a Sous Vide Magic set up about a year ago, and have been thrilled with it. Recently, the temperature monitor began to malfunction - no idea why. This happened as I was setting up on a Sunday morning to cook some beets and turnips for our dinner that night.

I went to the website (http://freshmealssolutions.com/) and called the support number, expecting to leave a message and get someone to call me back during the upcoming week. Instead, Frank Hsu answered himself - the support number on the website is his home number! I apologized for bothering him at home on a Sunday morning, and his response was something along the lines of, "no problem - I'm just having coffee".

To skip to the end, I shipped my unit back to him and it was returned promptly, good as new.

I know these forums are mostly about cooking, but I was so impressed with the level of customer service I received from Frank (not to mention the quality of his product), that I felt compelled to post. If you're looking for a home sous vide rig, I can't recommend the SVM/FMM set up enough. Kudos!

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