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Books by David Zinczenko: "Grill this, Not That", "Eat this, not that", etc.

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there are a number of books from the series above:


My library has them and they are both interesting and entertaining, and mind boggling.

I your library does not have them, suggest them. it you see them in a bookstore (are there still bookstores?) take a look.

Learned a great deal from them re commercial cooking/ commercial (grocery) food.

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these books still seem to be coming out.  My library system seems to get them all.


they are attractive to browse through, and you might lean some interesting things about what's in your market and served at various 'Chain' eateries.




Abs and bikini's are optional.


maybe your library system has a few.

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I've browsed a few of these in the bookstores, but not really given them the time of day.  They looked a bit too, gimmicky, I think, for me to take them seriously.  Maybe I should take another look?  Can you give some examples of useful information you've picked up out of these?  

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Go organic : 'many times the term organic does not mean the product is healthier.  J. of agriculture :  organic tomatoes, O. tomatoes O. T.juice


have higher levels of antiozidants


Tj's Organic K.  :  15 cals  150 sodium 2 gm sugar > ... > ... > Hunt's 100% natural:  20 cals  190 Na  4 gm sugar  " stripped out the corn syrup but added sugar"


pp 130  eat it to beat it.


this current book is about commercial eating and commercial food stuffs.


Id not buy these, as they are once over books.  but my lib. system has them all.


never would have give Tj's any thought.  now Ill try it and return it if I don't like it.


however, F.D.:  not a big ketcup eater.

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