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Jamie Olivers' "15 minute meals"

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Jamie Oliver has a new show:


its quite good, I think. Many of these things Ill make. :huh: no SV yet! :wink:

how you might get this is up to you. there are 3 shows so far, and Ive learned quite a bit.

in the past in one of his many show he did a rice noodle/lime/chili +++ that I cant find, not that i dont have it some were, but after the first bazillion TB's ...

so if you cant peak at it you might enjoy it.

granted there are some histrionics, but its 'on the plate' reliable.

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I'm a big fan of Jamie's. He cooks exciting food that features complex flavors with simple preparations and fresh ingredients. Unfortunately, the videos aren't available in my area- probably due to being outside the UK and certain copyright restrictions. Well I'll be waiting for the Cooking Channel or BBC America to bring these episodes to me. :smile:

Without seeing any footage I can image any 15 minute experience in the kitchen requires coordination and preparedness. Most pasta dishes take less than 15 minutes if you have the water ready- and Jamie's heavy on the pasta at times.

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A son of mine followed :


Enthused, he embarked on producing one of them., it took him a lot longer than 30 minutes and the total cost

of the ingredients came to £40.

It's true I tell ya !

To keep on thread, dear George is unlikely to follow the 15 minute meal method... unless the cost is reduced by half :biggrin:

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