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Dried blue pea flower - where to find in the US

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I'm looking to find these dried blue pea flowers, sometimes called Butterfly pea flowers, to make some Nonya Kueh I've been longing for since my trip to Singapore. I've looked in Manhattan chinatown (specifically the pan-SEasia place on Mulberry) - I didn't check Bangkok Center grocery since when I was there, I didn't realize the Thai also use it... maybe when I get a chance I can run down there...

In any case, does anyone know where else to get them, or a good place online that might have them? I've done the basic google searches, and came up mostly with seeds to grow the plant, and a few places selling the dried flowers, but they're located in Europe or in Thailand... One place in the US that I found was selling a minimum of 50g (that's a lot of dried flowers) for like $40+shipping, which is more than I'd like to spend.

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Thanks - I think I stumbled on them before, but I was unclear whether it's whole loose flowers, or in tea bags... it doesn't say tea bags specifically, so I dont' know why I originally assumed so...

I wonder if there's a price premium on it since it's supposed to be so "healthy" and chock full of antioxidants which is a huge buzzword nowadays.

I also couldn't find on their site where they are located, or where they ship from for that matter... but I will email my questions to them...

Thanks for the help!

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