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Who's up and coming in NOLA?

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A friend of mine is hosting a conference in New Orleans in late October, and he's looking for a chef to run a cooking class or conduct a demo for the attendees. I don't know many details, but I assume that between budget and the short time frame, the usual, more famous suspects won't fit the bill, so he's looking for someone who's got local cred, but could use some broader exposure -- think along the lines of Emeril in 1991, right after he opened his first place. Is there someone in the city that fits that bill today?

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Phillip Lopez (Root) is probably the hottest thing going right now. Probably too hot for your needs. Dominique Macquet is a close second, (Dominique's on Magazine & Tamarind), when the former opens he will proabbly move up a notch. Quan Tran is his chef de cusine at Tamarind, and might fit the bill. In the lesser known but hungry there is Mat Farmer (Apolline). Also Matt Murphy (Irish House), he just won a chopped episode. Personally, I really like Michael Costantini's food. he was behind Saitsuma's dinner servcie, and is now running their Maple Street location. Of the various new locales in the bywater his food was head and shoulders ahead of the rest. Fianlly, I should mention that Frank Brightsen teaches a class once a week on Bayou Rd., so no reason to think he wouldn't be interested. Another old timer would be Kevin Vizard, he is great with people. Finally, Nathanial Zimet, might be a good choice. He is a nice guy. Hope that helps.

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