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Breakfast! The most important meal of the day (2012)


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Percyn: Thanks!

Clean-out-the-fridge fried rice: Leftover smoked baby back ribs, deboned and chopped; edamame, corn, and tomato salad; chopped onion, red curry paste, fish sauce, and an egg. Basmati rice grains stay separate, so they are much easier to work with compared to our usual jasmine rice.


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Bruce – gorgeous fried rice! I’d eat that any time of the day or night! As a matter of fact, that would make the perfect midnight snack.

CulinaryLibrary – love the combination of lemon curd and blueberries on the pancakes and your blog is fantastic! I’ve bookmarked it to go back to.

percyn – the corned beef looks beautiful, but are there potatoes BESIDE the hash or in it? And the waffle? Is that chicken? Drool.

Breakfast this morning:


Neese’s sausage and CI’s yeast raised waffles with fig syrup. This was the first time that I’d tried the waffle recipe. These are probably the best waffles I’ve ever made – perfectly crisp outside and tender inside. Really easy, too, since you make the batter 12-24 hours in advance and bake them at breakfast time. The fig syrup was the sugar syrup left over from my efforts at candying figs. It was so good, I couldn’t throw it away.

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Hi guys, I don't generally have time for a nice breakfast, mine are generally boring , yours are great! Wish you could deliver :raz:

This week, incredible for me, I managed to make two breakfasts a bit more involved for my standards.

Egg en cocotte with some sweet potatoes and salmon


And a poached egg in artichoke bottom with a veal glaze/cream/grainy mustard sauce


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poached eggs on a bacon, cothbag summer sausage ,potato hash. green scotch bonnet sauce and roasted red peppers on top.


A the obligatory broken eggyolk shot


"Why is the rum always gone?"

Captain Jack Sparrow

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Breakfast today:


Sliced Hard-Cooked Egg, Lightly Salted Avocado, Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss, and Wasa Sesame Flatbread

I cooked the egg using Alton Brown's steaming method - the yolk was very moist and creamy. The laughing cow cheese worked as a nice sub for the cream cheese I would normally have selected.

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Bruce – those plantains are absolutely perfectly cooked – that picture could be in a magazine!

Paula – oddly enough, here in the land where Spam was born, I’ve never tasted it! But that fried rice looks like something that I’d like!

Breakfast yesterday:


Fried egg (James’ method), ET bagel w/ cream cheese and bacon. I had lots of excellent bacon grease, so the James’ method of basting the egg with the hot fat worked wonderfully well!

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Bruce – one of my life’s (many) guilty pleasures. Funny how when I was growing up bacon grease was a bit déclassé and countrified and now it’s considered liquid gold! Mr. Kim would love that omelet – the mushrooms are beautiful.

Mr. Kim’s breakfast on Sunday:


Spicy eggs w/ peach salsa and japs, Benton’s bacon

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