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Dinner! 2009


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Burger made by 70% chuck, 30% rib-eye steak, brioche buns, red onion marmalade, tomato sauce, lettuce, bacon and truffle mayonnaise.

Most certainly worth repeating!  :biggrin:

OMG; me WANT! (drool) Bloody rare, please! :wub:

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I've returned from the US (which by the way, was a glutiny-induced vacation! My kind of thing...) just a week ago so the following is dinner prepared by an aunt.

Claypot Chicken Rice done very differently to how I do it. I suppose her way is Hainan Chicken-inspired. Anyway, it was all very good! Simple, subtle flavours.

She first boiled a chicken in water seasoned with fish sauce/soy sauce for 15 minutes. Turned off the heat, turned over the chicken, placed a lid on and left the chicken for another 15 mins.

Some of the chicken stock was used to cook rice, while much of it was to be served as soup.

In small clay(?)pots, she'd add oil and throw in some shallots.


Then cooked rice (which had some mushrooms and onions) and green onions sprinkled on.






Gotta love the crispy, golden rice bits at the bottom.


Just for the sake of the chicken.


I forgot to mention the dip was garlic-based (or was it lemongrass? Crap, I've forgotten...will ask mum).

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a cold, blustery day so for lunch some quiche then for dinner my ultimate comfort food


mac and cheese made with shells instead of elbows, aged white cabot cheddar and topped with cabot yellow cheddar and just a sprinkling of leftover black forest ham.

last weekend it was pork roast wrapped with prosciutto de san danielle then seared in a pan and finished in the oven at 450 - served daringly rare with a saffron risotto and peas.


hey, you can never have too much pork, right?


but now i REALLY want a burger... and it's only 935 am.

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Tussius - that is one gorgeous burger! I showed it to Mr. Kim and even though we were going to a friends house for a burger cookout, we almost headed out to our favorite burger place for a fix!

Dinner on Sunday night was corned beef sandwiches w/ swiss cheese and mustard slaw and cream of tomato soup (it was canned :blush: ). Just what we needed - very easy and comforting and GOOD:


Mr. Mike wanted to make beef stew this weekend, so we made my grandmother's Chuckwagon Stew on Sunday:


This stew was the only thing my sweet grandmother ever made well. She was a second generation Italian American who's spaghetti sauce recipe was watered down tomato paste! I think that the original recipe came from an old Southern Living magazine and I believe that I added the wine - the only wine that I ever saw in Bomo's fridge was Manischewitz Concord Grape :rolleyes: !

We heated it up last night with leftover slaw and a baguette:


I am trying to cook a few cold weather things while we still have decent weather, before the heat arrives!

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Tussius - that is one gorgeous burger!  I showed it to Mr. Kim and even though we were going to a friends house for a burger cookout, we almost headed out to our favorite burger place for a fix!

Finding out how to make that burger took me surprisingly long, but then again everything seems easy once you know how to do it. It was amazing in the end.

Btw: This thread is starting to become a combination of a favourite and something to dread for making me hungry every time I look at it.

- Searching for inspiration and knowledge -

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A bit TOO daringly rare for me! I know Trichinosis is virtually unheard of these days and I know that the bugs get killed off at medium rare temperature anyway but I still have an ingrained reaction against it - a blush of pink I can live with but not that rare. Maybe I'll come round, I used to eat steak well done!

I love animals.

They are delicious.

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To celebrate me moving into Rotterdam, I cooked up something special in my (landlord's) new kitchen (while they are away on vacation)!

This is partly inspired by the Varkenshaas recipe mentioned in the 2009 recipes thread. The name alone is appropriately Dutch, I'd say.


after a few chugs on the wine bottle turns into:


Pan-roasted pork tenderloin with apple-pecan mustard cream sauce and sproutjes

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menuinprogress - gorgeous scallops!

eVITAERC – lovely meal. Those sprouts look so vibrant! Enjoy your new space.

I always miss cold weather foods when it gets warm and we’ve had a nice cold weekend, so I made my stepmom’s beef stroganoff. It is one of our favorites in spite of the onion soup mix that it calls for :raz: ! I also tried out a recipe for Brussels sprouts au gratin that slkinsey kindly sent me. We had had something similar at a restaurant and loved it and I noticed that he had made it a couple of months back and asked for help. We really loved it and will be having it a lot!


Dessert was some banana bread that I made yesterday:


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eVITAERC - welcome to the Dinner thread (and to The Netherlands :smile: )

I haven´t posted here in a while, but yesterday was the annual dinner for my husbands birthday - cooked all day to make a Middle Eastern dinner for 15 guests. The two best things were the Chucken Musakhan (sumac marinated chicken, roasted on a bed of flatbread and onions)


... and the dessert: Mascarpone vanilla ice cream, basbousa (semolina cake) and poached quinces with quince wodka syrup.


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Chufi – Lucky Mr. Klary and Happy Birthday to him!!!

Dinner tonight almost totally a pantry/freezer dinner. I’ve been inspired by the Klatsch non-shopping topic, even though I didn’t participate. We had broiled chicken breasts w/ Marlene’s BBQ sauce, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce (both frozen since Christmas), salad and Ina Garten’s Easy Sticky Buns. I love sticky buns/cinnamon buns with BBQ chicken and these were really delicious and easy (about 10 minutes prep time – not including baking), but these had WAY too much butter. I’ll cut it in half next time.



Because I was cooking from the freezer, I wasn't really planning, per se, and it didn't occur to me until I served the meal that it was an awfully SWEET dinner :laugh: !

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Since I started the topic about pork belly, I thought I may as well include a picture to show how it turned out.

Photo edited slightly to get rid of someone's hand about to grab the plate.

The pork (if I modestly say) was some of the nicest I've ever eaten. It's the first time I've cooked belly of pork before, so it's nice to discover how easy it is to feed a group of people.

Disappointed with the crackling. While it tasted good, it lacked the crunch crackling is supposed to have. I put the crackling back in the oven for a further 15 minutes but nothing seemed to be happening and people were arriving so I had to serve it.

Accompaniments were shredded spring greens, with diced apple and garlic, polenta mash and caramalised shallots with a creamy mustard sauce.

Pleased with the results but will have to work on getting that crackling right.


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Greetings everyone, I'm excited to share my all time favorite.

I woke up this morning with a mission, I wanted to make my baked pasta. So after lunch, I went to the store and bought the ingredients I needed.

There is nothing really special about this baked pasta, but it is one of my first adventures in the kitchen, and it actually came out really really good. My family and friends love it, and I love making it. It's a win-win solution!

Nothing like a bunch of cheese, chicken, and vegetables haha!


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Last night -- pan-grilled, oven-finished sirloin, marinated in garlic and herb marinade, served over risotto with leeks and sweet potatos, with steamed sugar snap peas with butter and tarragon. Recipes on my blog, www.kayatthekeyboard.wordpress.com (nothing for sale!) This morning/brunch, a Mexican frittata with black beans, fried potatos, chorizo and guacamole, topped with salsa and grated cheese.

No photos as I can't find the charger to the camera battery.

Kim, a make-it-quick tomato soup that beats canned all hollow -- 1 1/2 cup V8 juice or Bloody Mary mix, 3/4 cup plain yogurt, stir and simmer until hot and well blended. Spice to your personal taste (I usually add a shot of Worcestershire if using V8, nothing if using Bloody Mary mix).

Don't ask. Eat it.


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percyn – that Khowswe looks delicious! Thanks for the link to the recipe, but what is Indian Sev?? I tried to google it and kept getting links to Indian Sex sites :blink: ! I’m sure that Mr. Kim and the child would love it, though it will be too hot for me – I am extremely tender tongued!

Saladfingers – have you tried shallow frying the crackling? I think that would give you the crispness that you are looking for. That’s how country people get good, crisp fatback and hog jowls.

jlaw6402 – Welcome! And that pasta looks delicious and extremely comforting – just what I’d like this weekend!

kayb – that is a great idea for the soup and I have a big bottle of bloody Mary mix from dinner tonight that won’t get used otherwise (we’re not really bloody people). Thank you! And welcome!

I have been in the kitchen all weekend. We had to have our sweet 16 year old pug, Otis, put to sleep on Friday and I’ve been ravenous and wanting to cook since getting out of bed yesterday morning. Looking for a familiar comfort, I suppose. We went and had a HUGE lunch – vegetable soup, chicken salad on sourdough and steak fries at Cracker Barrel (one of my guilty pleasures) – yesterday, then wandered through 3 different grocery stores just grabbing stuff that looked good. I guess that is what food-centric do when they are hurting.

For our first course at dinner last night, I tried Bleu Cheese Puff Pastry Pockets:


I used Trader Joe’s puff pastry which we just love. I also drizzled them inside and out with some black pepper infused honey that we get from a local bee keeper. The honey was fantastic with the puffs!

The main course was Sara Moulton’s Grilled Lamb & Onion Kabobs w/ Olive Aioli. Except they weren’t – kabobs, that is:


None of the three stores that we went to had a semi-boneless leg of lamb, so I ended up getting shoulder which was very hard to cut up into nice little chunks - so much sinew and fat and icky stuff. With my inexpert ‘butchering’, I ended up with little bits of meat. There was no way that I was going to be able to skewer all those, so I just went ahead with the marinade and cooked them on the grill in one of those grill pans with holes in them. It looked more like a stir fry than a grilled dish! Served in my new pink platter and ‘Dirty Dish’ bowl from fishseddy (I am getting really addicted to this website – I just bought a set of the polka dot canisters to put utensils in). Aren’t they adorable?

I served it with couscous, yellow squash and grilled flatbread:


And even though it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, it all tasted really good.

Right now there is a new recipe simmering in the slow cooker. It’s called Bloody Mary Beef – I’ll report about that later. And I’m making something called Georgia Cooky Candy later tonight to take to work tomorrow.

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percyn – that Khowswe looks delicious!  Thanks for the link to the recipe, but what is Indian Sev??  I tried to google it and kept getting links to Indian Sex sites :blink: !  I’m sure that Mr. Kim and the child would love it, though it will be too hot for me – I am extremely tender tongued!

Thanks Kim. Indian Sev are tiny gram flour noodles, which you should be able to find in most Indian stores. If not, a recipe can be found here..

Not sure what kind you Sev you were finding on the Internet :wink:

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