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Dinner! 2007


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Everyone's meals have looked wonderful. I've been lurking, but uninspired for food lately. Here are some meals that have been sort of photo worthy.

Bf made a couple of pizzas a while back, they were quite yummy. Pizza crust was from BBA

Pesto Pizza


Pepperoni Pizza


Julia Child's Roast Chicken, Potato Dauphinois and butter glazed carrots. That chicken was high maintanence, if you've never made it before.


chicken pasta inspired by Sheila's blackened chicken pasta from the Cheesecake Factory.


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That pork looks great, Bruce.

Nishla, you have been making some really nice looking soups.

Chufi, your health week looks very inspired. It would be hard for me to think that way for a whole week. Everything looks so tasty.

My little guy has been working very hard in the kitchen this week. He wanted to make a soup, so he put together a vegatable soup with onion, carrot, potato, split peas, bacon, pear (his signature touch!) and pasta (his passion) while I made a stock on the back burner. I julienned the veggies and he cut them into dice. Put it all together and we got this:


We also made scones from the Bread Baker's Apprentice's author Peter Reinhart. The proportions were in an article in the May 2007 Fine Cooking.


As it turned out my older guy's "girlfriend" stayed for dinner - so this may well have been a momentous meal in their history together. Then again, they are only 6. :biggrin:

This week we also enjoyed some braised lamb with shitakes and oregano, and homemade tagliatelle with fava - mint pesto. My little guy enjoyed making the pasta with his little girlfriend.




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Pesto Pizza


Lucy, my mouth is watering for a bite of your Pesto Pizza. Beautiful.

Bruce Wow, that Spinach looks so good.

Shaya I love when you share photos of your kids cooking. Too cute. Look how focused he is.

Last nights dinner was a typical roast chicken dinner. I had pre-salted a couple of chickens on Wednesday. The second one is going to end up in Hot Chicken Sandwiches with homemade fries either in tonight's dinner or tomorrows.


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On Wed. the local Farmer's Market near our cottage opened for the season Here is what we ate for dinner that night.


Asparagus, rainbow trout and hot house tomatoes. This was our first complete dinner from local sources for this year.

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We haven't posted for a while so here are some meals over the last few weeks- I've been on the road so not home much!

TallDrinkOfWater has been cooking! This is copper river salmon that he marinated in pernod, lemon and ginger on israeli cous cous and local roasted asparagus


a pre dinner cocktail called the Bitter Orange from F&W using Aperol which I love!


a bit of a spanish night with grilled tuna kabobs with green olive relish, fideo, shrimp and chorizo cakes and roasted corn cut from the cob.


snack last night with tiki drinks



I made watermelon gazpacho


and grilled lamb chops with a mango shallot sauce served with a few more grilled asparagus


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Wendy, that watermelon gazpacho is gorgeous! Tiki glasses! :cool:


Seattle, WA

"But there's tacos, Randy. You know how I feel about tacos. It's the only food shaped like a smile....A beef smile."

--Earl (Jason Lee), from "My Name is Earl", Episode: South of the Border Part Uno, Season 2

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Wendy: Out of all your lovely meals, mango shallot sauce and chorizo-shrimp cakes really stood up and begged for notice.

Ann_T: Thank you!

Shaya: When your little guy goes to college, you will have to send him off with an induction burner, chef’s knife, pasta maker . . .

We adapted nasi goreng (Javanese fried rice), skipping the fried egg and using up leftover char siu pork. Younger son politely objected to my cucumber decoration, pointing out that the cukes would have been better as a cool contrast rather than warmed by the rice. He has a point.


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Bruce, my Diana and I agree about cukes. Either cold out of the fridge, or in that Thai salad/condiment that has vinegar, some sugar, sliced birds and scallions. The salad/condiment actually night be nice to have on Sunday when we serve some smoked brisket!

Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"
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last night we started with a drink that dayne made up and we call Lapin Agile


then the 2nd cocktail (hey it was friday!) was a gin daisy topped with Dry Soda Lemongrass flavor, yum!!


dinner was Indian Spiced grilled butter chicken; a cucumber and carrot salad with toasted cumin, cayenne, vinager & sugar (thought of Bruce!) , roasted cauliflower with alder smoked salt and garlic nan (store bought)


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Yes, that was a little confusing. You braise the bacon and leeks, then use them in the tart. I wrote a little more about it on my blog. It was SO tasty!

Braised Bacon-Leek tart from All About Braising.



Can you tell me about this? How is it braised?

Edited by Becca Porter (log)



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Braised Bacon-Leek tart from All About Braising.


I want that!

Made some slow roasted pork carnitas tonight with some homemade tortillas.  Here are the tortillas:


Here is the plated version served with some homemade spicy salsa and pickled habanero onions.


and that!!

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last night we started with a drink that dayne made up and we call Lapin Agile

Do tell ! Looks great--I have the same martini glasses :smile:

The recipe and reason for the name is over here -- it's a mix of Plymouth gin, Aperol, Cointreau, Maraschino, orange bitters, and the orange twist.

-Dayne aka TallDrinkOfWater


"Let's get down to business. For the gin connoisseur, a Martini garnish varies by his or her mood. Need a little get-up-and-go?---lemon twist. Wednesday night and had a half-tough day at the office?---olive. Found out you're gonna have group sex with Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson at midnight?---pour yourself a pickled onion Gibson Martini at 8:00, sharp." - Lonnie Bruner, DC Drinks

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Sweet Potatoe & Rosemary Gnocchi with beet sauce

My firt attempt of this idea with excelent results.

sorry for my lack of photography skills


Looks good to me!

Becca, what happened to your avatar?

Michael aka "Pan"


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