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Dinner! 2007


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I've been on the road for work and have obviously missed some amazing meals!!!

So, after a couple of years of lurking on this thread and drooling at all the gorgeous pictures, I'm going to make my virgin attempt at posting a picture of my dinner.....please be gentle.  :raz:

Here's dinner from a couple of nights ago. 


Duck fat rubbed, roasted cornish game hens with pan sauce, rice pilaf and lemon butter green beans.  White burgundy.

DAMN GIRL!! nice!

Deep fried artichoke hearts:

gallery_34972_3580_396423.jpg Mine weren't as crusty and brown as little ms foodie's were.  I used frozen ones and deep fried in Crisco.  Did I do something wrong, LMF?  They were very good, though enjoyed more by me than the family  :biggrin: .

I think they look great Kim! I throw ours in the deep fryer so maybe giving them more oil to swim in does something?

roast chicken with spring veg, gnocchi, endive foam, jus


gorgeous and sophisticated as always moby!

Left work half an hour earlier today and found time to cook Peppered Rack of Lamb, Herb Crusted Sweetbreads, Asparagus, Crushed Jersey Mids & Red Wine Reduction.  My wife was very pleased when she came home... :biggrin:


Not my usual mid-week fare, honest!!

I want to eat this!!!!!

last fri we made pizzas! sausage and mozz


mozz and basil


Sat was a dinner party for 6. I've been trying some of these out so most of you have seen many of these before.

Asparagus salad with fried proscuitto and orange vinaigrette to start


shrimp bisque with brandy and sherry


oysters rockefeller (huge hit)


braised lamb shanks with parmesean crust on mashed potatoes with figs and parm


amaretto mascarpone with vanilla roasted strawberries


lots of wine!

TallDrinkOfWater is taking over cooking duties for a bit because of my travel schedule. tonight he made these amazing biscuits!


and fried chicken with grilled summer squash and parm and balsamic



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Tracey and Christine007, great minds do think alike! :biggrin:

Bruce, that crust on the chicken looks great!

Wendy, tell Dayne he's doing a great job!

Thanks very much Emily, it was dirt simple, I'm trying to pretend that it is summer already.


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BBQ season kiddos! Nothing that can't be cooked on the grill will enter my body until October.

Well, that a bit of a lie, but I made some incredible BBQ chicken wings the other night. Marinated in soy, sesame oil, honey, and heaps of chopped garlic and ginger. Then cooked low and slow for about 30-40 mins. Sliced a few hunks of pancetta, grilled those, chopped them into a salad w/grilled onion. mmmm. grilling.

Save the Deliwww.savethedeli.com
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Today was the first day that felt like summer (we don't really have Spring around here, we have winter days interspersed with summer days, and when there are more summer days than winter, it's officially summer), so I cooked a very summery dinner:


Herb crusted chuck eye steaks done on the grill, finished with lavender salt, olive oil, and lemon, the first decent looking corn on the cob (and it was more than just decent looking, it was downright sweet and tender), and a pickle. Tossed salad on the side not shown.

(I had my new permanent crown installed on my tooth yesterday, and my, it did feel good to chew on *both* sides of my mouth!)


Edited by purplewiz (log)

Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted...he lived happily ever after. -- Willy Wonka

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Marcia: That looks like a classic summer dinner.

Tonight we had culture-clash fried rice. We fried Mexican chorizo in the wok, stir-fried chunks of ocean perch with soy sauce in the rendered fat, and then mixed in garlic, Thai chile paste, an egg, and scallions. Limes and eternal cukes on the side, and cold Blue Ridge Porter on the porch.

After dinner we wandered the neighborhood with a visiting dog, enjoying the delicious aromas of honeysuckle and black locust that wafted by on the warm spring breezes.


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I've missed so many wonderful meals. I had to go back a few pages to get caught up. Hard to know where to begin.

First of all I'm sorry I missed your birthday Marlene Belated birthday wishes to you.

Marcia I love all of your meals. I'd be especially happy with your New Mexico Carne Adovada. God that looks good.

And Shaya your butterflied roasted chicken looks amazing as does your baguette.

Bruce as usual all your meals appeal to me. Thanks for linking to guppymo's beef soup recipe.

Wendy everything looks delicious, but your husband's biscuits are a thing of beauty.

Here are a few of the things we have had to eat in the last week or so.

Prawn season opened last week. Short season so I plan to have these quite often.


Spanish Tapa - Garlic Prawns


Beef Tenderloin Kabobs


Breakfast a few mornings this week have been Cheese Danish.


Dinner last night was Chicken Pot Pie


Tonight's dinner was grilled halibut with a tomato black olive relish.


Had a craving earlier this week for something sweet. Toasted some walnuts and made maple walnut fudge.


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In honor of Chufi's third blog, I made supper using herring and herring roe.

Migaki nishin:


Migaki nishin refers to behedded, gutted, and dried herring. Three types of nigaki nishin were sold at the supermarket: Fully dried, 80% dried, and soft. I bought a pack of soft ones.

Kazunoko (herring roe):


It's salted.



I pan fried migaki nishin and seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, and sake. We had kazunoko with bonito flakes and soy sauce, mirin, and dashi sauce. We also had boiled spinach dressed with ground sesame seeds, soy sauce, and sugar and leftover miso soup with cabbage, onion, and abura-age (fried bean curd).

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How did you make the garlic prawns?

Bruce, the tapa recipe is very easy. Just saute lots of sliced garlic in 4 tablespoons or so of olive oil. Add some hot red pepper flakes. When the garlic starts to turn golden toss in the prawns/shrimp. After a minute or so when the prawns are almost cooked, add a little chicken broth, and then just before serving squeeze the juice of at least 1/2 a lemon over the prawns and toss in some chopped parsley. Serve with lots of good bread to sop up the sauce.


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Today i did a Spanish Dim-sum style meal (ok Tapas if you insist! :smile: ) . Clockwise from top right; Crab Croquettas with Saffron Aioli, Pulpo (fairground Octopus), Patatas y Choricitos con Queso, Deep-Fried Sprats with Celeriac Remoulade. Olives, anchovies and a batch of homemade sourdough to go with the lovely Arberquina olive oil (yum!). Enjoy...


Sorry no close-ups today, didn't want our guests to think i was more obsessive than they think i am already! They think i'm weird enough anyway eating this with chopsticks (bottom)...

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Bruce: Tinga Poblana Porn! I made this recently and it’s a keeper for us too.

Wendy: That strawberry dessert pic deserves some kind of an award. The whole dinner looks just lovely. And Dayne’s biscuits rock! (that sounds bad doesn’t it?)

Shaya: Beautiful burger and fries.

Ann T: Your chicken pot pie looks so tasty. Is that puff pastry? Also, would you tell what was in the black olive and tomato relish (in addition to the obvious, of course) on the halibut?

Hiroyuki: Lovely meal and presentation--esp love the sheen on the fried herring.

Prawncrakers: What a spread! Potatoes w/ sausage and cheese, yum!

Mr. SeaGal and I had the joy of a shared stomach bug this week, so all our meals have been themes and variations on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) along with some homemade chicken stock for “variety”. Finally, in desperation, I decided to risk branching out and made a simple leek and potato soup (minus the cream and pepper). It tasted like ambrosia after all the deprivation, but looked like pale yellow baby food, so no pictures!! :raz:

I’ve been living vicariously looking at all your beautiful meals!

*edited to correct silly errors!

Edited by SeaGal (log)


Seattle, WA

"But there's tacos, Randy. You know how I feel about tacos. It's the only food shaped like a smile....A beef smile."

--Earl (Jason Lee), from "My Name is Earl", Episode: South of the Border Part Uno, Season 2

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Ann, those prawns are so beautiful. You can tell they are really fresh.. I don't think I've ever seen a prawn here that hadn't been frozen.. I wish I could taste yours!

Bruce I'm craving fried rice now and I don't even like rice that much! :biggrin:

I made gnocchi today, which is a true milestone, because I've never been able to get them right and I was about to give up.


details here in my blog

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Prawncrakers:  What a spread!  Potatoes w/ sausage and cheese, yum!

I knew the Spanish wouldn't fool anyone!!

Chufi, those gnocchi look really nice. I imagine them to be really delicate, light and melt in the mouth. I imagine because I'm ashamed to say that i've never tried gnocchi. It's one of those dishes that's never appealed to me on an Italian restaurant's menu. Is it difficult to make? Should i try it first in a restuarant before attempting it to get a feel for them??

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Ann_T: Thanks for the shrimp recipe.

Prawncrackers: I love your Spanish dim sum (or is it Chinese tapas?).

Klary: Congratulations on the gnocci, they look great! Of course, I have only had gnocci once in a restaurant (but I quite liked them).

We made lettuce-wrapped tamarind shrimp with jasmine rice and cukes.


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My Mother's Day Dinner was fixed by Ky Hubby..

Fried chicken...


And buttermilk bisquits...


I made some mashed taters but didnt take its picture.

Doddie aka Domestic Goddess

"Nobody loves pork more than a Filipino"

eGFoodblog: Adobo and Fried Chicken in Korea

The dark side... my own blog: A Box of Jalapenos

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1st Lobster of the season; it came from Gaspésie, and he's a chubby little guy!!! no female this time around.

I bought it at the Jean Talon Market at the stall where they sell Crab and Shrimps !!

Made on the BBQ in a papillote with a little mixture of oil, salt, garlic, szechuan pepper.

The Beast just before it's execution.


Just after slicing it open !


Just before the BBQ


Before opening the present;fresh baguette from Première Moisson, some white radishes (on the left) and a bottle of Evolution 9


The Prize in all its glory !!!


and the mess at the end of the meal! I just wished I was a better cook and with more patience I would have kept the leftovers and do something with the shells.


anyway, that was a damn good lobster but a wee it expensive !!

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I kept things simple this weekend, good ol' Southern comfort food. I'm going to a foodie event in Las Vegas this week-a private dinner at Guy Savoy at Caesar's and a private lunch at Alex at Wynn are a couple of the events I am attending. Also a hunk of meat at Craftsteak at the MGM is in the plans. With so much gluttony in the forecast, thought I'd just do something simple this weekend:

Smoked Duck with Greens and Cornbread. No seasoning at all on the duck, just tied it up and put it in the smoker/bbq for about 3 hours then finished it in the oven. Just sprinkled it with black pepper after carving it. Mahogany skin and juicy meat. This isn't intended to be a medium rare duck breast. I just used a commercial cornbread mix, but added honey, green onion, red peppers and jack cheese. Brushed the top with lots, lots, of butter. The greens were mustard, kale and collard. Stewed them with bacon, vinegar, sugar and chicken stock. (God that lobster looks good Thesorus).



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