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Dinner! 2005

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am single for the next few days - johnnybird is off to vermont with a friend to fish(11 pm edt - they just pulled into the campsite. they got a late start - imagine that :rolleyes: )

a ribeye steak on the grill. with oven fries and succotash(john is gone for the next few days :biggrin: ). a few glasses of a red bordeaux. dessert was dulce non leche(soy ice cream with a caramel sauce - minus the cream) with some leftover chocolate sauce and cool whip(sorry guys - i can make a beautiful whipped cream but i can't eat it).

tomorrow is the local farmers market - will have to see what is good. though i am interested in doing a souffle. course i need a souffle dish. cheese souffle made with some local organic cheddar. some salad made with local veges.

Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

Take Big Bites

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The last breast half from today's herb-roasted chicken, sliced onto Daughter's yeasty cheddar rolls with shredded lettuce, mayo and salt. Steamed broccoli; English cucumber sticks with chive dip; Jalapeno Jack sticks, Buttery French Vanilla pound cake. Frosty glasses of Dr. Pepper. Last night's taped Stargate.

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shrimp with artichokes and a homemade tarragon mustard mayonaise.

After that we had spaghetti with clams, the sauce was made with the juice from the clams, stock I made from the shrimp-shells, fresh tomatoes, white wine and saffron. I partly cooked the spaghetti, drained it when it was still very al dente, and finished cooking it in the sauce. The pasta absorbed the liquid and it was very flavorful.

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Last evening, we had buffalo burger (American Bison) with all the normal accompaniments - fresh tomato slices, sweet pickles, onion, lettuce, cheese, mustard, catsup - along with creamy potato salad from Five Star Cooking Light and a tossed salad. Simple, tasty, healthy.

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Grilled beef with lemongrass; rice noodle salad; a real tasty nuoc cham dipping sauce for the steak and for whatever; a mixed lettuce and herb and etc. platter; and next up, after we freeze it, homemade mango ice cream.

Life is short; eat the cheese course first.

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I'm trying to learn the art of steak, so . . .we had steak. These were sauteed in butter over medium heat. Served it with potatoes, sauteed in butter and olive oil.



"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced" - Vincent Van Gogh

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I agree with Susan, looks like you have it down pat.

I'm a little "steaked" out after having it twice this week. But our son was home for the weekend and requested a steak dinner. So what's a mother to do. He also requested parisienne potatoes and zucchini. Except for the potatoes I grilled all the other vegetables to go along with the tenderloin steaks.



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Saturday: courgette/parmesan fritatta with pecan/cranberry salad

Sunday bbq:

burgers, grilled sausages, eggplant sandwiches, potato salad, pasta salad, grilled veges, brownies, pecan pie, baklava...

i have lots of dinner plans this week but alinka has just inspired my next meal to be courgette pizza

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Friday night: beer :wacko:

Saturday night: A humongo bone-in ribeye my boss gave me for doing some personal stuff for his family. $25.99 a pound (aged)!! Seared on stove and finished off in oven. French fries. Tomato salad with blue cheese crumbles. Very good steak; the other one he gave me is in the freezer and will be grilled outside.

The Basilman freaked out at the price of that meat.

Sunday night: Lidia's Chicken Valdostana with homegrown tomato sauce and Trader Joe's tagliatelle imported from Italy (very good). The Basilman wanted to "help" so he cut the chicken into strips instead of the thirds I had asked him to. :angry: Which made it hard on me but it still turned out delicious.

I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

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Essense of corn soup - made from the "juice" of farm fresh sweet white corn.


Home ground sirloin and chuck burgers - this is my first time grinding my own steaks for burgers...might never go back.


On the grill with corn on the cob and slices of new potatoes bought from local farmer.


The final product - with aioli and slice of tomato


Enjoyed with some grilled chips and Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale


Dessert - Homemade ice-cream, creme carmel foam, topped with granola.


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We had corn soup and homemade ice cream, too :smile: ...Chilled corn and buttermilk soup. I used no chicken stock this time and instead used corn stock. It was left from what I made for the corn and pea risotto another night, and gave it a better, much more intense corn flavor. We grilled chicken legs that I had marinated in fresh squeezed OJ, orange blossum honey, soy sauce, melted butter, ginger, and garlic. It was really, really good. Steamed broccoli went with it. The tomatoes in the salad plate on the side were dressed with malt vinegar and EVOO: very good also. Good dinner all around! The ice cream was left-over from last night (not so runny tonight).




Life is short; eat the cheese course first.

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I love the pix of burgers too -- among liking all the pix.

Yesterday, 100ish rather than 103. Luxury! Stopped to chat with a neighbor, quickly it developed that she and her husband were coming to dinner. Fortunately, we had been on our way out to forage for ingredients at the time.

Good-looking skirt steak, a good thing to find. Fresh tortillas, the makings for fresh green salsa, guacamole, crumbly cotijo cheese, nice big clamshells of blueberries.

Steak put to marinate in I know not what by the man of the house. A pitcher & a back-up of sangria-type mixture of also I know not what, for the same reason. When it's hot I don't ask as many questions, clearly. Did not stop me from gratefully quaffing said mixture.

The marinated meat grilled over a hot fire and then cut thinly across the grain, for tacos, with everything. Lovely evening, not too hot for candles for the first time all week. Sat at the table on the promontory and watched the no-longer-full moon rise over the hillside, eating and talking in profusion.

[A short magic interlude as the 13-year-old tried out some new stuff, (mentalism!), but also revisited old, including up-close sleight of hand (my fave).]

Afterwards, (in the homemade frozen treat category running like wildfire here through Dinner!) sumptuous blueberry sorbet, so icy pretty, so icy good, so blueberry, a collaborative effort of the two males and the old Simac.


Writer, cook, & c. ● #TacoFriday observant ●  Twitter    Instagram


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Grilled tenderloin with Montreal steak seasoning (I've just discovered this and like it a lot), served over mixed greens salad tossed with Point Reyes Blue cheese dressing and chunks, sauteed vidalia onions and tomato from my patio.


Bill Russell

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Tonight made a bunch of different seafood(trying to diet before the roadtrip).. First we chilled a lobster, jumbo shrimp, and had wellfleet and kumamotos...

Served mussels in a beer,shallot, garlic, red pepper, and a couple other thing sauce first..


Kuma's, kumos.. whatever




huge shrimp and 2 lbs of lobster steamed and chilled...


Edited by Daniel (log)
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Percy I'm so happy you tried grinding your own, isn't it easy??

camping this weekend, we made a big pan of seafood paella- my first time doing it this way. It was so tasty. We added chopped scallions after this photo was taken. Paella has halibut, clams, mussels and shrimp. We cooked some chorizo on the side for us meat eaters :wink:


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Seekh Kebabs:


And hey, don't they look pretty? It's a rather artistic picture, methinks.

Of course, a couple of minutes before I snapped this one, I was in full-on Homer Simpson-freakout-mode, cause the flames from the kebabs were about two feet above the grill, and I was trying to splash water on the coals, and whatnot... Lamb meat is greasy.

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Based on recommendations seen here on eGullet, I picked up a copy of Suvir Saran's "Indian Home Cooking" over the weekend. This is the first recipe I've tried from it.

Sauteed Cauliflower with Green Peppers, Tomatoes, and Yogurt

served over jasmine rice


Leftovers of the same for tonight.


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Wow, where to be begin. I would be happy with any one of the meals posted above. Even the Tofu. It does look like chicken. After looking at all the seafood I think I'll have to do something along those lines for dinner. Maybe a Spanish Shrimp Tapa.

I had a craving for a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, including mashed potatoes and sage dressing. For dessert I made White Chocolate Almond Brownies.



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Steak and eggs sauteed in butter & Montreal Steak Seasoning with lots of Dave's Insanity Kicking Cayenne Sauce & cheddar on buttered rye toast

Quickly thrown together gazpacho

While watching Hell's Kitchen and then the new Tony Bourdain show (love it - "I need some hot chocolate and a couple of fat chicks")

Amazing summer dinners and great pictures on this thread!

I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

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Pork shoulder (with extra thick skin) cooked in the sandpot for hours with salted black beans, mushroom soy sauce, soy sauce, orange juice and zest, garlic, ginger, carrots, scallions....

Served with white steamed rice.

Last night:

Bouchon's amazing quiche, filled with mushrooms potatoes and onions. Served with a green salad tossed in some sharp Dijon vinaigrette.



E. Nassar
Houston, TX

My Blog
contact: enassar(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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