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Dinner! 2005


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so many great dinners!

I have been very busy with my husbands birthday parties this weekend. First there was the dinner for the parents & inlaws. I made roast chicken, a bechamel based gratin of leeks, bacon & parmesan, sauteed potatoes and a green salad. Dessert was the best part of the meal, a pear & almond tart:


Then Saturday dinner for 14 ( well only 12 turned up because of the flu-season, but I cooked for 14 :biggrin: )

- Blini with smoked salmon

- Salad of fennel, fuji apples and goats cheese with a honey mustard dressing

- Veal & butternut squash pie, roast peppers & tomatoes, braised peas & lettuce

- Carrot ginger pecan cake with orange creamcheese frosting and candied carrots

(photos of the whole dinner can be seen in post # 21 of this thread)


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Cooked up four batches of chicken adobo for an eGulleter potluck dinner this evening. Here's one of the last two batches on the stove during the final stages of braising; you can just make out a hint of steam rising from the centre.


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Joie Alvaro Kent

"I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2,000 of something." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Tonight we ate dinner on the floor of the "T.V. Room". Wanted to watch the SNL Special.. Happy dinner turned out better then the special... Made lamb tenderloins with cauliflower whipped with heavy cream, butter, and goat cheese.. As well as those french green bean thingys blanched and then added to quickly cooked tomatoes with lemon and fleur de sal. On the side we had the left over roasted cauliflower.. I also saved a balsamic reduction that i decided to throw around the plate. Waiting for the lady to finish grenbloise tarte... Have a chocolate mousse as back up.. For wine we hade a 92 St Emilion Charles De LaRoy Grand Cru?. I am all about the St. Emilion these days.


To add: Dessert

Pierre Herme tarte


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Sometimes only a burger will do. So that's what I had. Virginia Kobe beef, mix of mushrooms and onions, a slice of swss cheese and a small dab of mayo. FWIW, the "Kobe" beef was not as good as I'd hoped - the grind was a little small. Flavor was good, but I think I'll stick with a regular 80/20 or 85/15 ground beef in the future.


Bill Russell

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Sometimes comfort food is where it's at. Watching the snow fall yesterday, with my family away, it occurred to me it was the perfect time to make ribs and kraut, since no one really likes it except me. This sort of a braise, without the braising. :)

Brown the ribs in the oven, using a roasting pan with a lid, start with a layer of wine saurkraut:


Then add the ribs:


And cover with more sauerkraut. Add the juice from the cans or bottles of sauerkraut. Put the lid on a bake, low and slow for about 3 hours.



These things come out fall off the bone tender, and the sauerkraut is amazing.


Even better, I've got leftovers for lunch today!



Practice. Do it over. Get it right.

Mostly, I want people to be as happy eating my food as I am cooking it.

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I am speechless looking at all this amazing food!! Great job everyone.

Helenas- That pork is divine, for a second I thought it was Foi Gras :biggrin:. I have to cook some pork belly soon.


I made calzones, stuffed them with leftover homemade meatballs from Monday, sauteed beet greens (they caused the bleeding effect in the picture :shock:, but I love them), pickled banana peppers and fresh oregano from the graden and mozzarella cheese. Don't you just love leftovers?




Roasted smoked sausage


Parlsey and celery salad

Dessert: canelles (P. Wolfert's great recipe)




Quick penne pasta, tossed with olive oil packed tuna, sauteed frozen spinach, garlic and preserved lemons. This has to be our all time favorite "fast food"

Had more canelles for dessert, the batter produces an even better result when its older.


E. Nassar
Houston, TX

My Blog
contact: enassar(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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Grilled Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, and Homemade French Fries

Yes, sometimes only a burger will do! That just had to be a part of our start of the summer, with the Daytona 500. We reserved Saturday to clean the porch and Sunday to begin the porch season. We ate in front of the TV too Daniel, but not on the porch floor. It was warm out there before the sun went down, but not that warm. :biggrin: We ate early, during the race. Before that, the first thing in my mouth after my coffee was my inaugural mojito. It was a great day topped off by cheering on my favorite driver to the win.

Life is short; eat the cheese course first.

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Yesterday we had a late lunch, so for dinner we decided to have cheese with some roasted garlic tuscan bread


Vine ripe tomatoes and fresh mozzarella topped with 25 yr balsamico, EVOO and chives

(I usually do the cooking, so when my wife made this plate, she insisted that I take a pic of it and post it :smile: )


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I made a gumbo-style soup tonight. I know the people on the gumbo thread might scoff, but it is made without a roux - hence, not real gumbo. But it does start with a trinity with shrimp, chicken, andouille and a spicy broth served over rice.

Anyway, here it is.


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Bill Russell

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I cooked horseradish- and panko- crusted salmon, over beets and a beet broth, garnished with the nasturtiums that keep growing and growing and growing, and a side of Israeli couscous and peas.

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Life is short; eat the cheese course first.

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Thursday we went out.

Friday we had chorizo with white beans and I forget what else. Saturday morning had a leftover chorizo scrambled with eggs and eaten with corn tortilla. Leftovers = good.

Saturday night we were invited to dinner. (I think 70% of meals we've been invited to are lasagne. Is this a Midwestern thing? No complaints though...)

Sunday we had some pasta with leftover tomato butter sauce. And I made my ciabatta again, this time with wonderfull results. And chicken stock for the freezer. Later that night I demanded a Maxwell street polish from boo boo's dawghouse. I'm not sure what came over me, but this should do for the next six months.

Tonight is healthier, at least. Spaghettini with garlic, anchovies, endive (you know, like frisee), breadcrumbs & a little parmesan. (I know the fish/cheese combo but in this case it is really good.

Elie, do you have an online source for beeswax? Those canelles look amazing.

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Dining alone, a simple meal. Cod a la meuniere, saute potatoes and stick beans.

With a couple of beers.


Martial.2,500 Years ago:

If pale beans bubble for you in a red earthenware pot, you can often decline the dinners of sumptuous hosts.

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Elie, I love those calzones!

Susan, I'm so jealous of your porch dinner. My first balcony dinner is many months away I think.

And are those beets under the salmon?

Very impressive gumbo Wendy. It's something I never made but want to try someday..

Our dinner: roast potatoes, carrots & shallots, shii-take meatballs, chipotle creme fraiche.


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In response to my post about clay pot cooking from earlier today, I created Morrocan Pork Loin with Chickpeas. It was incredible( if I do say so myself; and I do!! Thankfully the cooking vessel was very forgiving and absorbed niceley the fact that I overcooked it by 6-8 minutes. Here's what she looked like:






Les Marmitons-NJ

Johnson and Wales

Class of '85

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Ooh, ejebud, that looks gorgeous! How did it taste?

Best friend and I were doing comfort food: Gruyere-based fondue with sourdough bread, steamed broccoli with butter; sliced cantalope with blueberries; vanilla ice cream with frangelico and crushed amaretti biscuits.

I'm a canning clean freak because there's no sorry large enough to cover the, "Oops! I gave you botulism" regrets.

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