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Dinner! 2004

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Using leftovers Dinner:

Madras Curry Chicken with Thai Basil, Cilantro and Five Color Swiss Chard

Made the sauce with Madras Curry powder, duck broth, red wine, butter and a

little cayenne pepper

Casserole of spinach and baby bellas in a tomato spinach sauce topped with chevre and sundried tomatoes with some walnuts served on the side

Leftover couscous, rice and harissa

Some Garlic Twists from Trader Joe's

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HWOE got home late Friday night from a trip to Hartford feeling awful and having lost his voice. Saturday he mostly stayed in bed (still no voice), sleeping, so dinner was:

Lentil, wild rice, and confit duck soup (from the freezer);

Salad (I think)

Yesterday (Sunday) he was only a little better, so another soup dinner:

Pozole with chicken, pork, and plantains (mildly spicy);

Corn Tortillas, guacamole (from the freezer), white cheese, homemade salsa verde, cilantro

Much better by tonight, but I had already planned yet another soup, even spicier:

Fish Tom Yam (fish stock made this morning; lots of chiles and chili sauces, lime juice, fresh swordfish) with lots of veg (shiitakes, spinach, zucchini, red pepper) and cellophane noodles.

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Checked out a Rick Bayless book from the library, tried to see if there was anything I could make without leaving the house for groceries.

I settled upon chile rellenos-- poblanos stuffed with sauteed ground pork and tomatoes, battered and fried, served with a tomato sauce.

And I made Mexican rice.

And I was going to make my first jicama salad, but the jicamas I bought were slimy. So I threw them away.

"I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast;

but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast!"

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Pasta with Rao's puttanesca tomato sauce (actually fairly good even if I had to doctor it up a bit), topped with grated Parm-Reg and capers. Round two featured half a can of smoked sardines mixed in with everything else. :biggrin:

OJ. A banana and a plum.

hey, what can I say. I've sold my soul to jarred pasta sauce and lived to tell about it. :biggrin:


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Fat Tuesday

In honor of the day, I relinquished my low carb approach for the moment and partook of it all.

Quenelles of Wasabi Mashed Potatoes topped with a dab of wasabi covered with duck broth, a spinach leaf and a Thai basil leaf

Grilled Australian Rib Eye that was marinated in wine, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper

Brussels Sprouts in a butter sauce

A variation of a Mexican Icebox Cake. Layers from bottom up:

1. Chocolate Graham cracker layer

2. a chocolate mousse layer

3. coconut flake

4. Dark cherries in a port glaze

5. More Chocolate mousse

6. Topped with some dark chocolate shavings

Encircled by Ladyfingers which have been dipped on one side in the cherry port wine glaze.

I let it chill in a springform pan then released it and tied a pink ribbon around it.

The glaze had sunk into the bottom of the ladyfingers making for a nice look-about 3/4 ladyfinger and the quarter on the bottom formed like a glaze icing. So tying the ribbon around it made it three color layers around the outside.

Came out nicely. Tasted great if not a little sweet for me after not really having had sugar for a while.

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In honor of Fat Tuesday I had:

Gunthorp Farms pork chop with pan gravy and veal demi-glaze accented with rosemary

Sauteed Arugala with country bacon.

And to top it all off 4 Krispy Kreme's and a tall glass of milk!

Now that's what I call living (though I may die from clogged arterys).

Pork Fat Rules!


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Weds dinner, thrown together at the last minute:

spicy couscous (from Jamie Oliver) "beefed" up with some pine nuts and almonds served topped with a simple arugula salad

and potato and avocado salad (also from Jamie Oliver) :biggrin:


cookies ( a gift from one of my new students)

Kristin Wagner, aka "torakris"


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Ash Wednesday

Vietnamese Spring Rolls(Shrimp and Vegetable)

Crab Cake Po' Boys served on French Bread or Portugese Sweet Rolls with a mustard, mayo, caper sauce

Sauteed Chopped Yu Choy


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Frittata with onions, piquillo peppers, and frozen asparagus.

Spaghetti squash (baked and fluffed first!) with garlic, sauteed in olive oil.


I gave up potato chips for Lent, and I want some already.

"went together easy, but I did not like the taste of the bacon and orange tang together"

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Rice mixed with chewy fried shiitake chunks

Pork skewers basted in mustard, cider vinegar, and thyme, with a fresh apple/apricot chutney (recipe straight off the net)

Spinach with yogurt cheese, parmesan (Shaker box type...no fresh at the supermarket), walnuts, and a very little EVOO

Big fat tomatoes with salt and pepper

Red miso soup with fresh whitebait, few shreds of fried tofu, and sugarsnap peapods


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tuesday's dinner was kind of made up on the fly. i pan seared some scallops, then deglazed the pan with white wine, and finished the sauce with butter. then i tossed the sauce with some angel hair pasta and served it with salad and roasted cauliflower.

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A stir fry with particularly large quantities of mushrooms, over mixed grains. I thought we would have tons of leftovers, but it turns out that we are greedy, greedy children, and it is not so.

"went together easy, but I did not like the taste of the bacon and orange tang together"

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Root vegetable bisque (rutabaga, carrots, potatoes, mire poix with herbes de Provence).

Roasted large mushrooms with smoked paprika.

Mesclun (micro greens) salad with crumbled Stilton cheese.

Frittata with assorted peppers.

In-house pain de levain if desired.

"I've caught you Richardson, stuffing spit-backs in your vile maw. 'Let tomorrow's omelets go empty,' is that your fucking attitude?" -E. B. Farnum

"Behold, I teach you the ubermunch. The ubermunch is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: the ubermunch shall be the meaning of the earth!" -Fritzy N.

"It's okay to like celery more than yogurt, but it's not okay to think that batter is yogurt."

Serving fine and fresh gratuitous comments since Oct 5 2001, 09:53 PM

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-Spinach Linguine with a white wine shallot sauce. Turned out fine, the sauce was a bit of hack, I added a bit of tomato broth to balance it out.

-Steamed brocolli with Chevre, sea salt. I've never been a fan of brocolli with cheese, but this nice. Maybe a little something extra next time.

-Roasted tomato stuffed with Creminis, tarragon, and thyme.

-The remains of a pint of ginger ice cream.

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since it is friday - the new vegetarian day in the bird's nest -

macaroni and cheese

mixed green salad

fresh fruit with soy yoghurt

i'm also prepping dinner for the next two days:

saturday will be turkey meatloaf, roasted root vegetables and yellow and green squash

sunday will be three onion soup, irish oatmeal bread and coleslaw

Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

Take Big Bites

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Friday dinner:

my MIL gave me some fish of a questionable age, so I grilled them and then decided against serving them. :blink: She regularly gives us food past it's prime.....

So I pulled some breaded fish fillets out of the freezers (saved for occasions like this) and deep fried them and then served them with a homemade tartar sauce.


gobo and cucumber salad

miso soup with tofu and spinach

tomato slices

shibazuke pickles

Japanese rice

Kristin Wagner, aka "torakris"


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Spring rolls(sauteed Swiss Chard, shallots, dried cranberry and chevre)

Garlic Twists

Cioppino(with Lobster Tails, Cod, Prawns, Chinese Scallops and clams) :wub:

Sweet Potato Spoonbread

Crispy Farfalle with toasted pine nuts, sundried tomato, garlic and asiago cheese

Leftover cake

Frozen store bought yogurt

Good dinner.

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