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Dinner! 2012


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Been a while since I plated and took a nice picture. Miso local black cod, uni potatoes, shimeji mushrooms, chili, bok choy and yellow chives. The fish was so good, my new fish guys are awesome.


Black Cod is like gold in my view. I can get it out of Alaska or sometimes off the WA Coast. I think the Canadians call it Sablefish. For those of you who haven't had it, it's silky, oily, soft, rich and kind of like a regal filet of Halibut. How do you make the Uni Potatoes?

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"----Been a while since I plated and took a nice picture.---"

It has been said, "Practice makes perfect".

Except in your case. You don't practice often, everything still comes out perfect.

Very nice dish, Scottyboy!


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Always with the kind words, thank you!

The potatoes,

Turns out durring the Santa Barbara uni season the ones that break or are not too pretty are set aside and frozen. I grab one of these tubs and scoop out really clean tasting uni for puree and sauce applications. I boil a russet, run it through a tammis, run a scoop of urchin through and then fold in some melted butter and salt. You get the creamy sea flavor on the back end, people love them. The miso flavor in the cod was a little overpowering for them this time though so next time I'll go naked with the fish.

Sleep, bike, cook, feed, repeat...

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Whoa those uni taters sound yummy; that's in my near future! I've never bought uni...is it raw or cooked before adding to the potatoes? The fish on the veggies looks beautiful.

For a sort of Asian black cod I like to go pretty plain, since the fish has such a delicate flavor. I marinate the fish briefly in ginger juice ( just fresh young ginger grated and squeezed out) and a pinch of sugar and soy or maybe fish sauce, then steam it with lots of the green parts of scallions. It gets finished with a simple sauce of oil and rice wine. I also love black cod lightly battered and sauteed for fish tacos or fish burritos.

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Such beautiful food and photos!

In spite of the forgoing excellence...

Tonight's dinner of roast pork tenderloin with cranberry compote, roast fingerlings and onion/fennel/celery gratin.


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No SV I cooked this old school. Not enough time for SV. :rolleyes: I salted x 10min, seared and 350 oven till 130 in the center (12 min?). Rested 10 minutes.

I wish the gratin had cooked as evenly as the meat. I should've turned it.

MrH, that pizza looks fabulous!

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ScottyBoy has one very lucky roomate!

Shane's pizza looks quite spectacular. I am not usually into deep-dish pizza but could be tempted by this one.

And I like anything with coconut in it, so MikeHartnett's Burmese noodles look great as well.

Here is my November dinner recap.

Speaking of coconut, the first dish is a coconut and saffron shrimp curry with grilled coconut kale (both recipes are from Vij's). Simple and comforting.


Halibut with lime ginger beurre blanc, cauliflower "couscous" and bok choy.


Grilled bourbon sausage and roasted spaghetti squash (sprinkled with parmesan for him (front) and with goat cheese for me).


Pasta bolognese (recipe from Marcella Hazan).


Clams with vermouth and fennel.


Grilled ribeye, roasted squash.


Tandoori shrimp, roasted cauliflower.


More Bolognese - this time using fresh lemon-thyme pasta shells. The sauce gets better over time.


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Always dropping the big dinner bombs on us, nice!

I am glad that you appreciate it. I wish I remembered to post on this thread more regularly. :smile:

I read it much more frequently than I post on it. Lots of fantastic ideas here! It's always a good place to look for inspiration.

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My roommate actually made me dinner, this is very weird...an awesome Korean BBQ bowl.


Then I messed with a new dish since I got some awesome squid.

Charred Monterey Bay squid, celery root, garlic confit, satsuma beurre blanc, watermelon radish and sprouts


Sleep, bike, cook, feed, repeat...

Chef Facebook HQ Menlo Park, CA

My eGullet Foodblog

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Despite being within spitting distance of the Tropic of whichever tropic is the northern one, it can get cold here. And no one has any heating.

So we just pile on more clothes and try to eat heartily.

Dinner tonight was fridge clearance soup. Carrot, mushroom and leek in a stock made from pigeon carcases from a few days ago and waiting in the freezer. Simple but warming. The black spots are freshly ground pepper.

Then a dish which I'm sure has a name, but not one I know. It is pork stewed in a fresh tomato sauce with garlic, chilli, onions, green and black olives, balsamic vinegar, and marjoram. Served with rice.




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