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Daniel Delaney's Brisket Lab

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Get to a Brisket Lab if you can, eGulleteers! Hopefully you have a friend who pre-purchased tickets/meat as the events are all sold out now.

This was my first time attending the roving BBQ pop-up and I was quite impressed.

If you did pre-purchase meat, here's what to expect.

$25 for two people yielded 8 oz of brisket each, plus slaw, pickles, onions, and bread, with tax and tip included. The slaw was excellent, a carrot and red cabbage vinegar-based coleslaw with lots of fresh herbs, including mint. Yum. Quite fair especially since the live music is also included in the price, and they passed around a tip jar for the band (who were actually good).

The drink specials for this particular event were also a nice surprise, as they'd hired a craft cocktail bartender for the event, who'd devised a number of Lillet cocktails (sponsor). He threw together something off-menu for us, and apologized for missing some ingredients in his arsenal, having just returned from Tales of the Cocktail.

The brisket itself was very, very good. Tender, fatty, with good smoke ring, and would hold its own against the best BBQ in NYC. I'm thinking it would also compare favorably to some Texas stalwarts like Smitty's and Black's, from my experience. Pretty remarkable.

The meat is from Pat LaFrieda and cooked low and slow for over 24 hours. Delaney purchased a smoker in Austin from the famed Franklin BBQ and drove it up to Brooklyn! That's dedication to the craft.

I can't wait for his restaurant Brisket Town to open later on this year. He's doing a pre-purchase/ticket plan again most likely.

Sign up for when Brisket Town goes on sale:


More about Daniel Delaney:



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