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Jeff's Rub from Smoking-Meat.com


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I have been looking at a popular meat smoking site - www.smoking-meat.com by Jeff Phillips. He vigorously pushes his Jeff's Rub recipe which he sells for $9.95. Just wondering if anyone has bought/used it and if it was worth the money. He also has a book out on smoking, but he did not include the receipe in the book. That's a bit irritating!

I have used Meathead's Memphis Dust recipe and have been happy with the results so far. Can anyone compare them?

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Memphis dust. That's Dan Mill's recipe, right? He gives it away for free. Just Google and you can make your own at home. I think he calls it "Magic Dust"


'Meathead', the Amazing Ribs guy, doesn't bottle/jar/otherwise package and sell his spice rub.

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