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Copenhagen: please comment on the dining itinerary

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I will be traveling to Copenhagen in September, probably 9/9-9/13. Dinners will be for 2 but I will likely be eating lunch on my own while wandering around town. So far I have bookings as follows:

Sunday 9/9

Dinner at Sollerod Kro

Monday 9/10

Dinner at Kiin Kiin

Tuesday 9/11

Dinner at Restaurant AOC

Wednesday 9/12

Dinner at Geranium. I plan to book today when the online booking opens

Thursday 9/13

Was thinking dinner at Kodbyens Fiskebar

I am on waitlist for lunch at Noma on 9/11 and dinner 9/13

I also have on my radar Aaman's, Mielcke + Hurtigkarl, Relae, Radio and Geist

I was thinking of stopping by Sankt Peders Bageri on Wednesday 9/12 for their onsdag snegle

I also thought of going to Reinh.van Hauen Bageri, Coffee Colletive, Sweat Treat and Torrehallerne Market

I'm looking for your input, comments, suggestions. Lunch ideas for a likely solo diner. Other must try places or items. I'd also appreciate "things to do" recommendations.


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I went to Copenhagen in June last year with my husband. We had an unforgettable meal at Relæ - we sat at the counter and had a fantastic evening. Being able to observe everything, chat with the staff, and learn more about the dishes was a great opportunity. The ambiance was on the casual side, but the food and wine were top rate. I was really moved by the food and the sensibility of chef Christian Puglisi. The wine pairings by sommelier (and partner) Kim Rossen were unexpected and fun.

The other, more casual and affordable outpost of Relae, Manfred, which is just across the street, is also worth a visit. The menu was limited but everything was very tasty (creamy onion soup, hanger steak). The menu changes daily I believe. There were no tourists, just locals. We sat at one of the communal tables and had a good chat with our neighbors. The restaurant has since been renovated/expanded. They did not take credit cards at the time but this may have changed since our visit.

Jægersborggade, the street where Manfred and Relae are located, is a fantastic neighborhood with lots of little shops and a great atmosphere. We wish we could have spent more time exploring it.

We had dinner at Cofoco one night. Prices were reasonable and the food was well executed, although less memorable than Relae.

We went to Kodbyens Fiskebar and it was ok. I thought that it was quite expensive for what it was, and the portions were minuscule. It seemed like a very trendy place. We tried the cocktails too, but they took forever to arrive and were nothing special in the end (other than the ridiculous price).

For smørrebrød, we really liked Aamans. A nice place for lunch. They had a good selection. We had the smoked mackerel, smoked halibut, roast beef, and pork belly.

We went to Copenhagen's micro-brewery, the Brew Pub, for a casual lunch on the day we arrived. The beer was excellent. The food is simple - we had the tapas plate with sausage and pork cheek, and the steak sandwich. They have a large courtyard that is pleasant for lunch.

Did you check this thread? It's a little dated but you may find more suggestions there.

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