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Maison Boulud, Montreal


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Event: Dinner at Maison Boulud Montreal

May 31st 2012

type of cuisine: Contemporary French / Italian

Full photo & text review can be found here.

Just dined at this new restaurant in Montreal. Although it is way too early to judge this table (only in its first week), here are some first impressions:

-Service: of top level, on this dinner (attentive, courteous, great balance between formal and casual)

-Food: technically without any particular flaw (cooking well timed, modern presentation where it needs to, slightly more rustic where it has to). The cooking of meats (had a superb veal filet and their lamb rabbit ragu was succulent) seems to be their strength. They just need to be a bit less liberal with the salt (some of the dishes were a tad over-salted, although still packed with great flavors).

-Decor: lovely contemporary setting, with comfy chairs, plenty of wood and granite, you can look inside the kitchen through a big glass window.

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