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Dining in Copenhagen - Relae or Radio or Kadeau?

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from thursday on i will be in copenhagen for a week searching for a great nordic dinner on the (more or less) budget side compared to noma restaurant.

i need to decide between



and kadeau.

can someone recommend me one of these or are they pretty much the same quality-wise.

someone out there who has recently been to one of them?

thanks a lot in advance!

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unfortunately i am more or less in a budget side this time so kiin kiin is a bit too expensive for me.

its 8oo something and the meals consider are 5oo danish kr maximum. but thank you anyway for the information!

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relae is not exclusively Nordic - but the chef there used to be the sous at Noma, and the influence in taste and technique is there, but he also draws from his italian background

radio - is more Noma light. The owner, is also co-owner at Noma

kadeau - is both more and less fundamentalists. Their base is the cuisine and product of the tiny Island Bornholm, where the main restaurant also is - but they arent purists I believe. They have received great reviews for a long while now

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