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Sustainable Caviar Farming Takes Off in Unlikely Places


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Today's NY Times has a piece about a man in Korea who started a sturgeon farm 15 years ago with 200 pregnant sturgeon that he brought to that country from Russia.

He started harvesting the roe in 2009, and it appears as if his investment in both money and time is paying off, as today he has well over 50,000 sturgeon.

After years of participating in international gourmet food exhibitions, Mr. Han said his product, marketed under the brand Almas Caviar, was finally becoming known. This year, Almas began supplying to the top caviar distributors in the world, like Petrossian, the New York-based dealer, and laying plans to open its own stores in New York and Tokyo. It has also begun selling caviar extracts to cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies.

He is able to harvest sustainably without killing the fish, which is evidently the traditional method of harvesting sturgeon eggs.

Has anyone tried the product? Also, it sounds like a brilliant idea. Kudos to Mr. Han.

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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That is a pretty awesome article, I find the NY Times food articles to be my favorite.

Anyway yes I heard about the new more human method of farming the roe used to make caviar and can't imagine that the taste is any different.

I have had a few of the lower echelon caviar brands (salmon, and something else), but have never had the chance (or money) to try the holy grail in sturgeon roe.

It's amazing how new technology not only allows us to better preserve the environment but also provides people with a more sustainable business practice.

Truly a great achievement. Now if I could only afford to try some :P

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