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Jeff L

55 Main

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We had our second dinner here last Saturday and it was excellent, even better than the first time. It's located right in the middle of Main street in Flemington far enough away from all the bargain hunters. It leans toward modern decor, pleasant enough but unremarkable. The service was competent but I admit I do like it when servers don't have to refer to the crib sheet for specials. That irritates me but at least she had a pleasant personality. This is now the go to place when we meet our friends from N. Jersey. It's also midway between our home in Bucks County and theirs in Mountain Lakes.

Our friends had the tuna special and filet and were both quite pleased with their selection. Tuna was paired with the ubiquitous wasabi cream something or other and I didn't really see how the steak was done but it looked good.

My wife ordered what I had the first visit, pork osso buco and she almost ate the shank it was so good. She rarely leaves the plate clean so that said it all for me. It came atop a mound of perfectly done creamy risoto and some other vegetable I can't recall. I had the boneless short ribs and they really were perfect. Chef Jonas Gold came over as I was just starting to dig in and let us know they had been braising since late morning. The sauce was so good I couldn't believe it, beefy with just the right amount of saltiness and just delicous. It was served over mashed potatoes and I loved that the sauce was enough to cover everything. It came with nicely roasted carrots. Huge portions here folks, no need for any appetizers at all, plus its BYO so we love that.

We were all so full but did agree on 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and 4 spoons. Perfect ending. I highly recommend this place and only wish it were closer than the 40 minutes we have to go but I don't mind that at all.


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