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London In June For Lunch

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I am heading to the UK in June from Thailand and hoping to dine in London with my two children - Does anyone have any tips?

Both of our children enjoy amazing food, but not sure if London restaurants, especially top end enjoy children!

I am looking for a lunch preferably Michelin starred, but not necessarily important.

Thanks in advance for any tips

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Our recent Sunday lunch at Koffmann's witnessed lots of family dining.

Kids (and grown ups) of most ages seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Koffmann's at The Berkeley

I too have a soft spot for The Ledbury, and would return in an instant.

The Ledbury.

"So many places, so little time"



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Excellent, thanks for that. Pleasing to know that an eye lid is not batted at all to the little ones. Whilst up north (ish) we are hoping to make it to Sat Bains for a meal at night (without the children) and a jaunt through London would round things off nicely!

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Hi, as ppl suggested you basically want the slightly more casual 1* (or slightly below) layer. Aside from Ledbury (and also Medlar, which I'd put into the same bracket) ones which would be a bit more fun/funky:

Pollen St Social

Dim Sum at Hakkasan

Sketch lecture room


Personally I'd do the lunch deal at Sketch. The whole place is suitably bonkers to keep the children occupied.


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