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Cocktails vs Tastebuds


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Hi Hollywood,

Dulling the taste buds is a challenge to be overcome when doing a cocktail dinner and I have worked on that challenge in the following ways. Also don’t forget wine is alcohol as well and will have the same effect after time and with overuse.

First, I use very small three ounce cocktail glasses. Of course I don’t fill a cocktail glass when serving a cocktail so that means that the amount of actual spirit without the other ingredients is often less than an ounce per drink. The recipes I posted for the other question about matching food and cocktails could serve two and a half people at a cocktail dinner.

Second, I work with the chef to choose dishes with big bold flavors that will stand up to the spirits.

Finally, I encourage people to experience the flavor match but not necessarily finish all six of the cocktails.

This cocktail dinner thing I do is not meant to usurp wine as a table beverage, it is just taking my craft a bit farther and having some fun doing it!


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