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Food Photos from Chile and Argentina

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The Empanada FINALE!

2012-05-23 17.51.25.jpg

Thanks to a crust recipe from Prasantrin I was able to make mini empanadas for a dnner. I did the crust VERY thin though for the bigger ones I would make it a bit thicker. They were tender but crisped up nicely and tasted great. I might bake them a minute or two longer, they were done but a bit white. The secret of course is lard. They may have been a bit full so I wasn't able to braid the edges but they looked OK.

I grated 2 kinds of mozz, the soft "homemade" kind and regular store stuff. I would not bother again, cubes would have worked better. I added tiny cubes of ham. There was a bit of (crispy/toasty) leakage. The other filling I sort of made up. It was chopped fried baby bella mushrooms, onion, a bit of tomato and some leftover black beans which were mashed. Genius if I do say so.

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