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Ok so it's been a while since I put anything on paper...

Splendido, the only place I've never had a full blown meal at, so choosing it was a no brainer.

The place was quiet for our 5:30 seating and we were late (a a cab story for later) We were warmly greeted and seated in my favorite bar spot - at the end with a view of all that transpires.

My girl Leslie is the Chardonnay Expert of the house and I byob'd an 09 Kongsgaard from home and we had a 07 Girardin Chassagne Montrachet Le Cailleret from the list.


Amuse of Artichoke Puree and chick pea frite


British Columbia Hedgehog Mushroom Salad

Sunchoke Purée, Truffle Vinaigrette, Triple Crunch Mustard


Roasted Garlic & Parsley Agnolotti

Rapini, Charred Shishito Peppers & Almonds


Cured Ontario Rainbow Trout

Caramelized Cucumber, Caraway, Crème Fraiche & Dill Pickle


Organic Salmon, Ireland

Roasted Endive, Confit Kumquat, White Bean Purée & Juniper Berry


Albacore Tuna, Nova Scotia

Arancini, Cucumber, Razor Clams & Black Sesame Vinaigrette


Cheese Plate


The food started off well but tapered off - maybe suffering more from conception than execution. The amuse and mushroom salad were delicious, the Agnolotti sublime but the trout was a little lacking in seasoning and the lightly pickled cuke was barely that, much too light.

The Irish Salmon was very gamey and overpowered the sides (most times I've had Irish Salmon, it's usually had a light smoke) This dish just didn't work for me as the components tasted fine individually but a cohesive dish. The tuna was good but very delicate in flavor and needing more help from the supporting cast. We also had some frites on the side with a Malt Vinegar that was excellent but the brussel sprouts were mush. My GF is pescetarian so we do seafood mostly but the meat dishes may be a different story so I welcome opinions.

She's also a little lactose and they steered her away from the Chocolate millefeuille and offered her something else (which basically a bowl of chocolate pieces) and something else that was good but forgettable.

Anyways, Service is impeccable, maybe the best we've had in Toronto and so is the space. It would warrant a return visit for some different entrees.

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Just a couple of tweaks maybe. They've got service down pat - the most difficult thing in my mind.

I'll correct myself - they have everyone on the same page, contributing and adapting to the customer.

Now that's the most difficult thing in my book.

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I haven't been to Splendido for quite a while; I ate there maybe late 2009/early 2010? The service was very adept then, too, though a touch aloof for my partner's taste. The food didn't much impress me, especially for the price, but it looks like they've substantially modernized the platings, at the very least. (Has the chef changed since then?) Perhaps it's worth a revisit.

Matthew Kayahara



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I would be curious to hear how you compare say, Scaramouche to Spleidio.

While in years past (and under previous ownership) I would suggest they were on par, these days, given the choice, I would eat at Scaramouche, hands down.

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Both excel at service but I guess the comparison is Scaramouche is a favorite pair of comfy jeans and Splendido is a pair of bespoke dress slacks. Scaramouche has always delivered the goods, personally speaking.

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Nice photos!

I dined at Splendido last Wed. It was the first time I've dined at Splendido. I enjoyed the breads, the amuse bouche (chickpea fritter with cauliflower soup), the scallops (my friend's 1st course), the albacore tuna (my friend's main), and passion fruit genoise, but I was underwhelmed with my hen of the woods mushroom salad and monkfish main, which were both interesting in concept, and beautifully plated, but seemed more "interesting" than delicious. The monkfish was overcooked. Service was very good.

I'll return, but I was surprised that I found the food I ordered at Splendido last Wed to be less delicious than past meals I've ordered at Scaramouche. Usually, it seems the menu at Scaramouche is a little more conservative than the menu at Splendido, but I've always found everything I've ordered at Scaramouche to be aligned with my taste buds. Splendido's menu does seem more innovative, but I didn't think the combinations of some flavours worked that well in some dishes. I like the seasonal dishes and seasonal desserts at Scaramouche.

I preferred the service I experienced last week at Splendido to the sometimes slightly stuffy service at Scaramouche. I prefer the more contemporary atmosphere and vibe at Splendido, overall, although I was surprised they were playing techno/ambiant music between 5 and 7 pm last Wed, which became slightly grating after a while.

Victor Barry is still the Chef at Splendido. He would have been the Chef in 2009/2010, afaik.

Have you been to Auberge du Pommier lately? The menu seems a little more innovative than it was 5-10 years ago. Wondering how their service compares to Scaramouche and Splendido lately.

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