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London Pubs on Parade

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Surprising my social buttefly husband with a trip to London for his birthday in May. And while we're both more than willing to hit up the Michelin starred, celeb-chef run, fancy tea establishments, being his first trip to London, I think that this trip will be devoted to the pub. Of course, a rec for a good mid-range place for his birthday dinner would be happily received.

That being said, I haven't spent nearly enough time in London myself to have put together my own personal lists of places for a good pint (or glass of wine) and good food. I've been reading a lot and have a list of possibles:

Grazing Goat


Brewer's Inn

Euston Tap

Fox and Anchor (mixed reviews?)

Bunch of Grapes (more mixed reviews)

I'm a market hound, too, so planning time at Borough. Any other food market recs?

Flights and Ascot tix are booked, but I haven't booked a hotel yet. I'm planning for a pub room or small hotel, centrally located- especially since we'll be taking the train in from the airport, to Ascot, etc.- so we have Tube access to all the sites and more importantly, good places to eat.

Thanks in advance for your help in pulling off the surprise of the century,


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Only been to two on your list.

Euston Tap I enjoy, but they only do pizze as far as food goes (good pizze though).

Orange is good with a solid beer and wine selection and good food, but nothing really out of the ordinary

I'd definitely add The Admiral Codrington in Chelsea to your list; some of the best pub food in London (in my opinion).

Also, if it is just beer that you are after then the Rake Bar (in Borough Market) and the Craft Beer Company (Clerkenwell) are definitely worth checking out.

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