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Izakaya Den Melbourne

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We went to Izakaya Den last night, I've been to a few Izakayas in Melbourne and Japan so I thought I know what to expect. It turned out to be a more fusion experience that I had expected, both the food and dining style having Western and Japanese influences. It was a bit of a hassle to find, with no signage on the stairs down and a big black curtain behind the door making it look closed. You wouldn't have a clue it was there if you didn't know about it, my dining companions remarked it is so very Melbourne to do that.

The service was decent, they lost an order for a drink then forgot to deliver a bill but it was pretty good apart from that. Of course the most important thing, the food was kick ass with only one disappointing dish (Tofu Cake) and a number of stand out ones (Duck Liver Parfait, Seasame Stir Fried Mushrooms and Apple Millefeuille).

Anyone else been?

A full run down of what we ate is on my blog: http://www.roryhart.net/food/izakaya-den/

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I have been there quite a few times. My favourites are the corn tempura, the miso lamb, the fried chicken, and the buckwheat Udon. I didn't think I would like it - the Udon broth has nothing but liquid from cooking the udon in it, but it is really delicious. I am quite glad for the lack of signage, it keeps the undeserving out ;)

There is no love more sincere than the love of food - George Bernard Shaw
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