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Ripening an Avocado

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On 2/25/2017 at 3:05 PM, Dave the Cook said:


 This totally works, pit or no pit. A half an avocado would never last two weeks around here, but we've gotten five days, easily.


Usually, I preserve half a Hass avocado in the fridge with the pit still in, because that provides a natural airtight seal at least in the under the pit. This last time, after I had made guacamole out of one half, the pit came loose from both halves, so I discarded it. Lacking a vacuum sealer, I just wrapped in plastic wrap still in the peel, but gently pressed the wrap into the well the pit left to expel air and tightly wrapped the avocado half up and stored in the fridge for two days. This worked better than pit in because the plastic wrap was better able to make contact with all of the cut surfaces, so that is how I will go forward with storing avocado halves.


My stored half was very good in the guac I made with it, and stayed green.

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