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Caramels crystallizing quickly


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I make a lot of caramels and one of my best sellers is an orange macadamia nut caramel dipped in dark chocolate. They are truly delicious, but they have a very short shelf life because they crystallize after a couple of weeks. So now I only make small batches for selected holidays. Does anyone have an explanation for this? My other caramels last for a couple of months (I tend to make a bit more than I sell so I have experimented with them.) I use UNSALTED macadamia nuts so salt is not the seed. And I would think that the oil from the nut would help, but maybe not. Any comments?

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Here is the recipe I use: (It is from Greweling's book)

Sugar 340g

Evaporated milk 360g

Vanilla bean, scraped

Heavy Cream (41%) 150g

Corn Syrup 285g

Butter 20g

Unsalted toasted macadamia nuts, chopped medium fine 125g

orange oil 1/8 t

1. Sugar, evap milk,scraped van bean + seeds, heavy cream, corn syrup-----bring to a boil while stirring constantly.

2. Add the butter at 230*F

3. Cook while stirring to 239*

4. Remove the vanilla pod

5. Add the macadamia nuts and orange oil

6. Pour into pan lined with oiled parchment

I was thinking it might be the nuts. I have made other caramels with nuts and they seem to crystallize faster than those without nuts.

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