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Lunched at The Feathered Nest in Nether Westcote last Thursday. It’s not far from Stow on the Wold or Burford in the Cotswolds.

It’s an award winning pub with good dinning and four bedrooms; there is also a very nice garden with good views for warmer days. You could argue that it is a restaurant that sells beer. There are a few dining areas; the bar for more casual eating, and two more traditional dining areas and outdoors.

There were two menus available and I think other items available in the bar. Lunch offered two courses at £17.50 and the alc with starters from about £7.50 and mains from £12.50. We ordered two courses from the lunch menu and two alc.

We were served a pair of canapés while deciding our order. Firstly a square of glossy puff pastry topped with foie gras mousse and a crispy breaded chicken nugget with lemon curd. Both were good.

First from the set menu was grilled mackerel on toast. The toast came with fruity beetroot chutney and a tasty fillet of fish, some salad leaves and lemon puree. I only tried a little bit, it was nice. Looked nice tasted nice. Not massively complex but enjoyable.


The other starter was a crisp potato nest with a salad of cooked vegetables; parsnips, beetroot, potatoes, leeks and salad leaves with truffle mayonnaise and a poached egg. This was my selection; it was enjoyable and quite filling. The egg was semi set, not so runny to become a sauce but not solid. The crisp potato nest was grease free. I was not so sure about a lump of roast parsnip; it was a bit big and looked a bit clumsy compared to the other ingredients but hardly a problem.


Main course from the set menu was venison faggots with mashed potato, cabbage and bacon, pickled russet apple and parsnip crisps. A big plateful of tasty wintry goodness.


From the alc came cod with roasted cauliflower, spinach, bacon lardons, capers and raisin puree, a slash of cauliflower and a jug of sauce on the side. It was a nice bit of fish. The raisin puree was also good. The capers had been fried crisp so they offered a crunchy saltiness. There was also a tempura battered cod chunk, possibly a cheek although I didn't ask.


We did not order desserts. Coffee for one came with petits fours. I had another pint as I wasn’t driving. It didn’t come with petits fours, but was a tasty pint. Service was good. There were about 20 other people in for lunch so there was a comfortable noise. There was a tasting menu available for £63 or £83 with wine. I would go back. It would be quite a nice place for a weekend or night away although I am not sure what the room rates are or if they have DB&B packages.

Well worth a look.


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