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Need late night dining (diner?) in Chicago


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I'm a volunteer for a folk music festival next weekend, and have been charged with finding somewhere to take the performers to dinner right after they fly in from various locations before they disperse to the various places they will be staying. The problem is some of them are on flights in that don't arrive at O'Hare until 8 pm.

I need to find a place (maybe a diner?), ideally on the northwest side of Chicago, with a kitchen that serves after 9 pm on a Thursday night.

It should be quiet enough that a large group can talk in order to make plans for the performances the next day, not too expensive (folk musicians don't get paid much), and hopefully good enough food so as to not dishonor Chicago's reputation. Also, I don't know what these folks eat, so probably nothing too exotic. Pizza is out because that's dinner the next night.

I don't get out much late in the evening, so I’m at a loss. I'm hoping that some of you like to eat late at night and can help me out.

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Give a call to the folks at Smoque, where there's arguably the best BBQ in the city. It's on the way in from O'Hare, not too expensive, certainly well priced, but has nothing (but great fries, cornbread, and desserts) for vegetarians (unless there's suet or lard in the first two, which I doubt).

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Cheap/late-ish eats on the NW side are mostly going to be more exotic options...here are a few of my favorites:

Khan BBQ - Pakistani/Indian. The barbecued chicken boti and tandori fish are both amazing. Open until 10:30 PM daily.

2401 W Devon Ave, Chicago 60659

Spoon Thai - Thai. Has the typical range of dishes you'll find at any Thai place, but also many unique specialties. Open until 10 PM daily.

4608 N Western Ave, Chicago 60625

Noon O Kebab - Persian. Wonderful kebabs and home-style middle eastern food. Open until 10 PM on Thursday.

4661 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago 60625

San Soo Gap San - Korean BBQ. An interactive dining experience great for groups. Open more-or-less 24 hours (I think they close from ~3-5 am sometimes).

5247 N Western Ave, Chicago 60625

Hoanh Long Vietnamese - Vietnamese. Fresh, delicious preparations away from the usual Argyle strip. Open until 10 PM on Thursday.

6144 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659

Any of these places should be able to accommodate a group relatively easily, though Khan and San Soo Gap San might find it easiest.

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