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Cookbooks 2012

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Does anyone know anything about "astrance: a cooks book" ? I preordered months ago, then somehow it went out of stock on amazon, and now I got a letter from amazon saying a pre release item I ordered will not be available by christmas. Has this book been scrapped and its not coming out?


I ordered mine through Amazon US and received it here in Australia a few days ago. I'm still working my way through it but -- wow! It comes in a thick cardboard slip case with a precision cutout of the title. There are two books in the slipcase, one the cook's book and the second containing step-by-step pictorials of several of the preparations from the book. Will post a better review once I get my head around it.

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Every Grain of Rice is my favorite of 2012, as well. There will probably be more talk in the US about it in 2013, since that's when the US publication occurs. I'm already looking forward to Fuchsia's next cookbook, which she's working on and will be regional.

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Just got the English version of Every Grain Of Rice - couldn't hold out for the US edition. Looks amazing, can't wait to start cooking from it.

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Jon, what is the Pierre Gagnaire book like?

Anything with "Twist" in the title gives me the shivers.

PS finally ran into the PG book the other day. Actually pretty dire alas - lots of very dull domesticated recipes. Not much Pierre. Oh well!

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