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Member CanadianBakin' in Pastry & Baking North America


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Member Kerry Beal reports:

I was sitting in the little waiting area at Tomric Plastics the other day - the wait seemed to be interminable. But fortunately there was a Pastry & Baking North America on the table to help me pass the time. Imagine my delight when skimming through the 'Regional Showcase' section of the magazine I ran across a recipe from and picture of our own 'Canadian Bacon'. Pictured is an excellent looking recipe for Burnt Sugar Ganache Tartlets that look wonderful with their little fleur de sel sprinkle. I shall be playing with this recipe.

I managed to talk them into letting me take the magazine home!

The article linked to her website The Pink Spatula where there are some fabulous pictures, blog posts and links to some of the wonderful press she has received with her business.

Congrats Tina on making it to the big time!

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Thanks for the mention Kerry! It was a real honour to be included. I haven't made it to the big time but I do have nice photos and we know magazines are all about the glossy pics. ;) Twitter was my contact with the magazine so those of you not using social media...get on it! :)

I owe a lot to all the folks here at Egullet. As a busy mom without the option of attending a full-time pastry course, the pastry and baking forum has been my instructor and my kitchen, my classroom. I learned to make marshmallows from the marshmallow thread and Patris has been my "marshmallow mentor" helping me with some of the nitty gritty details. We've been selling them for about three years now and last season they were in 18 stores in BC. I've been able to employ two part time ladies to make and package them so that I can do what I love best, baking!

I have lots to learn yet but am enjoying the journey.

With many thanks,

Tina :)

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Orison Swett Marden

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