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Wirral – pub lunch wanted

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I know it's there in a thread somewhere but I just can't find it.

A couple of years back, a decent pub lunch on Wirral was recommended and we went and it was good.

Any current reccs? Look sharpish please - schlepping up to Birkenhead on Wednesday.


John Hartley

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The irby mill does decent pub food. Big burgers, fish and chips, pies. Occasionally rabbit or pigeon show up.

I had an ok lunch in a place called nova in heswall prior to Christmas. It is a restaurant though. For the money it was better than ok but was empty beside us, so a bit flat for atmosphere. It was a Saturday after the big Christmas Friday night's though.


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I was going to recommend the Wheatsheaf, otherwise pickings are slim.

There is a Mexican/English cafe in Tranmere which is fun and does do good Mexican food. Not something we have much of round here, I will dig out the name.

If it is still there and hasn't changed hands, there is Home Cafe in Oxton Village itself near Fraiche or a nice coffee shop/cafe Aubergine in West Kirby.

The Devon Doorway pub in Heswall can be good for pizzas.

If the Lady Lever art gallery has some good specials on it is worth a visit and you get a bit of culture as well. It is near my house so if you need a coffee, pop in.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks both.

In the event, we went back to the Wheatsheaf. Much better than our last visit. In fact, I'd say it was damn good. And damn generous in the portions.

A pork terrine looked and tasted as though it had been made there, rather than in some nondescript factory. It really was good. A little bowl of chutney added a sweet/sharp contrast and there was a big hunk of bread.

My own starter had the same bread toasted as its base. A layer of onion marmalade was topped with sautéed flat mushrooms, themselves topped with melted Stilton. Alongside a big handful of well dressed salad leaves – watercress, mizuna and the like. This was a dish of main course proportions and it was lovely.

For a main, I went off the specials board. Four pigeon breasts, cooked perfectly at medium rare, a sauté of mixed veg and potato and a rich gamey sauce, sweetened (but not overly) by the inclusion of a few blackberries. I think this is one of the most enjoyable “get stuck in” plates of food in a goodly while.

Across the table, the less greedy half of the partnership had ordered from the “light bites” – a salad of bacon, black pudding and roasted cherry tomatoes is usually served with a poached egg but herself does not do eggs. The lack of the egg might have made muted the dish somewhat but I had a taste and reassured myself that the mustardy dressing served it well on its own. Other than that, this was a fine salad with bold flavours.

John Hartley

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