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Santiago restaurant recommendation - last night in South America


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Santiago restaurant recommendation - last night in S America

Hi guys, tonight is the last night of our 2 month trip in Argentina and Chile. I’m struggling to find a reliable source for a recommendation of where to spend our last night. We are hoping to find somewhere for a memorable dinner to adios our fantastic trip.

What are we after, you ask? A couple of things to help (but any suggestion is better than none!):

  • Somewhere we won’t forget and is a good way to send off our last night
  • Preferably a modern take on Chilean food, or (good, fresh, not! fried!) seafood
  • Somewhere we are not rushed and can relax drinking good vino
  • Price is not important – nor is an expensive restaurant required. Good food is though.
  • Preferably not somewhere where the hype is become so large the restaurant has lost its way
  • We are in Bellavista (Providencia?) but can travel anywhere.

I would have liked to go to Carlos García’s place Restaurante Fábula (here). Sounds perfect, but it doesn’t seem to be around anymore, nor can I find out anything about him.

I know its a bit of a late request (dinner in about 9 hrs!), but if anyone has a recommendation that would be great.

Muchas gracias!

Oh, and if anyone needs a recommendation of their own, we had a brilliant meal last night at Epicureo (here ) in Bellavista last night. I’ll try to write more of a review another time, but I would suggest its very similar to what I mentioned we are after for tonight. Great modern Chilean food, beautiful wine, relax and nice atmosphere and very good staff. We just found it walking around.

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