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Whole Foods Frozen Produce


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This is a short youtube video about some of the produce sold in Whole Foods. It's an eye opener. I don't know how old the information is, but being an avid label-reader, I know, from personal experience, that much of what's presented was true when I last shopped at WF.


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I believe it.

Im not a fan of WF. As a business, as all business should, they have created a niche of "Feel Good, Leave your paycheck right here."

Thats what business does these days.

But when they took over Bread&Circus here in the Boston area, they slowly decreased the Bulk areas from an entire section on both sides to now less than 1/4 of that.

Its their choice to do that. But they model is to make a certain class of people with some wealth feel good about coming into their stores and buying there stuff. Buyer always has to beware. No so many who just feel good walking around with there bags.

Some time ago, in CA I looked into the WF in Palo Alto. I used to bake bread, but was unable to do so while visiting my father. so I went to WF. look carefully at their bread: most contain various fats, and sugars.

The bread i used to bake did not.

In faireness to the food industry, that type of bread does not last long. Fat and Sugar are required for those to like it and come back and buy some more.

Im very very careful to Never Ever Buy Food from China. Even when i prowl the Chinese megalomarts.

Hong Kong: OK China Never Ever. Ever.

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I am surprised, though not sure why. :blink: 365 Organic~made in China indeed!

I shopped there yesterday. Every time I do, I am aware of the marketing schtick they perpetuate, sought of like belonging to an elite club. I do not buy the majority of my food from there, far from it. I use it as a gourmet market. Cage free eggs are actually cheaper than anyplace else here, and the butter is the brand I like not available anyplace else, and a few items of fresh produce is usually what I buy. I know I'm paying .50 more for the exact same bananas than at a 'regular' supermarket, they are sourcing from the exact same wholesaler! Because I am at the location where WFs is located for other purposes, and don't want to make a pit stop on my way home, I buy them anyway.

Yesterday I bought King Arthur's unbleached cake flour, the only place in the State which has it, but usually I buy from KA direct. I paid double just because I ran out and want to use right away.

They do have the best fresh meat and seafood selection but I usually pass based on cost and buy meats at Costco which has good meat.

edited for grammar & spelling. I do it 95% of my posts so I'll state it here. :)

"I have never developed indigestion from eating my words."-- Winston Churchill

Talk doesn't cook rice. ~ Chinese Proverb

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The news story dates from 2008.

A follow-up article published Saturday in the Seattle Times:


Follow-up article from bloomberg.com about consumer lawsuit over the "organic" vegs from China that WF was selling. Whew...


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